Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting My Day and Art Class

Here's how I start each day...sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee checking emails before the kids get up. Dixie thinks she is keeper of the pencils. This morning I started to work with the kids...I was still in my fuzzy pink was 8:15 and I was off to a late start with showering. Don't you think the doorbell rang. It was our oil man here to do our annual furnace cleaning. Did this get marked on the calendar-nope. Did I remember he was coming? Nope again. I quickly ran into the other room and pulled some grungy clothes out of the hamper from yesterday and threw them on. Meanwhile, the dog was plastered against the front door and the guy kept ringing the doorbell. I finally let him in (with me looking just lovely). What happened to courtesy calls before coming?
My favorite mug that the kids bought for me one Mother's Day.
The new bookshelf that is just for my books. Mine, mine, mine all mine. Did I mention it was mine? I had to move all of our posters to this wall on the right. I also refined our homeschooling schedule. Monday is Math and Art Class, Tuesday is Literature and Language Arts,
Wednesday is Science, Thursday is Sign Language and our Homeschool Coop meeting and Friday will be for History, Geography and Civics. We can change it around as we need to depending on what is going on for the week.
Tae decided to do some tracing and coloring today in one of his workbooks.
My neighbor Jen called this morning to let me know that she had a friend who was an art major. She was going to be teaching an art class at Jen's house only 6 doors down from me. The class started this afternoon. Sure-we're free and can do that. Anything to get out of the house on a Monday afternoon. Mrs. Perrin spoke to the kids about what art was and made some posters to help them out. There were 20 kids from age 4-12 so it was a nice diverse class. The little ones were so happy to have their very own sketch pads.
Mrs. Perrin talks to Ben about the Memory game. The game had homemade cards and the kids talked about shapes and colors.
Tae following directions in his sketch pad. Mrs. Perrin told them to draw a circle in their favorite color. Then on the same paper draw a square...draw lines in the square, draw a pink triangle. It was amazing to see how different each of their drawings were. Some of the kids had houses, some had faces and some were just abstract. Next week is painting and Tae is so excited as it's his very favorite thing to do.
Morgan, Tyler and Patrick sort through some cards trying to decide about textiles, shapes, photography, sculptures and ceramics. There were some really beautiful pictures from all over the world.
Morgan hiding behind her homework paper. For this week the kids have to take their sketch books and search the house for art and draw a picture of it. Morgan really has an eye for it. She noticed the shape of the stones in my fountain and a piece of pottery. She also liked the pencils on my desk. I'm excited to see what happens next week.

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