Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Is Your Facade?

It's been a long few months. After a recent visit to my Lyme Specialist, she's pretty sure I'm postive for Bartonella as well. The tell tale rash appeared after two months on 3 different antibiotics.

Last month she switched my medication regimen again. Blech. What a tiring mess. I have become the poster child for Lyme Disease. I'd rather be something else.

Today I went and had my PICC line placed.
The staff at the RI Vascular Institute were great. It took longer to take my history and prep my arm for the procedure. They gave me my first dose of medication today as well. All in all-it was pretty easy. My arm is sore tonight and I'm tired but that's about it.The IV nurse will be out tomorrow to change the dressing.

The medications will be twice a day for a month to start. I have a little PTSD thinking about my last round of IV meds and my 10 day hospital stay. I'm hoping it doesn't turn that way this time.

Last Sunday at church I spoke with a woman who had breast cancer. While I don't compare my illness to hers, we share a lot of the same symptoms and frustrations in just trying to get through our day.

I said to her, "How's your facade doing?" She started to laugh knowing that outwardly we look fine and even manage to do it all some days. Inwardly-we look and feel like hell. "My Facade is holding up quite well thank you."

For now-life continues. The kids are still happily homeschooling (most days), we are preparing costumes for Halloween and I chug along.