Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Nobody Touch My Hots!"

I'll get to the post title in a few minutes. We have more snow here in Rhode Island.
It's blustery and cold but the fire is keeping us warm. Even my chickens decided not to venture out of the coop today. Last night the sensor light by the coop came on and my husband called me over to our back door. There were four beautiful deer standing there feeding on the dropped birdseed beneath the feeders. At their feet was a little bunny. We had lots of deer tracks this morning and both the deer and bunny left us some fertilizer for our lawn. If the snow keeps up we'll never see the grass. I wish I was able to get pictures but it was too dark.
Yesterday the kids did some online research about Candlemas and St. Brigid's Day. We lit some white candles and since it's supposed to be the half way point in Winter, we were hoping for some signs of spring today but the snow came instead.

Morgan worked on Area and Perimeter for Math today.

Geeeez! I really need to clean our desk. Ignore my morning juice. Morgan's Open Court Reading today had a short story on the book "Island of the Blue Dolphins " by Scott O'Dell. Patrick had read the book already and I found the kids novel for Morgan.

More workbooks for Tae. He's killing me with these but just loves them.

Patrick worked from his Holt Biology Book.

Anyone remember anything about ATP and Cellular Respiration?
I've spent the past few days reviewing curriculum for next year. We order the kids books for the coming year in March when it's bonus time. Thankfully, Morgan will be able to use all of Patrick's books from last year so that is a huge financial savings. Unfortunately, Patrick is doing highschool level stuff so I need to order teacher's manuals. The teacher's manuals are more expensive than the student books so really we won't save much money this year. I'm getting so confused as the kids are at all different grade levels. I've started to put the grade levels in the books just to keep them straight and I've had to keep track of ISB numbers to find out grade levels. Most of the books we order are printed for public school use. Ever notice that they don't print the grade level in public school books? Is that so the kids don't feel bad about what grade they are in or don't they want them to know?

Tae found some magnetic manipulatives to play with.

Cutey! He's very excited about his 5th birthday next week.
Morgan and Tae managed to find some scrap paper and made Valentines today.

Think he likes arts and crafts?

Morgan did beautiful heart cutouts.

Tae ran to get a glue stick and yelled to us, "Nobody touch my hots." That's Rhode Island-ese for "hearts."

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