Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fire House Tour and Valentine's Crafts

Valentine's Day at The Meetinghouse was a whirlwind of activity. Everyone brought tons of arts and crafts stuff. Just look at the table. Lots of creativity going on. We welcomed new member Rachael and her two children Cammy and Shane. They are just beginning their homeschool adventures. It's really a great opportunity for new homeschoolers to be able to connect with some "seasoned" homeschoolers and ask a million questions and still have a million more. Do any of us ever stop asking questions?I would have posted a picture of them but there is something wrong with my camera-it keeps taking blurry pictures no matter what setting I use. It's really bugging me since my camera goes everywhere with me.
Doilies and ribbon and stickers Oh My! The table was so full there was barely room to craft.

Michelle and Alex brought cookie lollipops. Colleen seemed to like them as did all the kids. We had lots of heart shaped cookies that the kids made and some delicious cinnamon bread.

My dorkie (yes-he knows I call him this-it's a joke between us) 12 year old son Patrick
-up close and personal.

Morgan and Emily crafting.

Alex enjoying the after effects of some powdered dip and lick treats.
She may need an exorcism from the look of her tongue.
Yesterday our homeschool group took a tour of the Flint Fire House in Fall River. Fireman Chris did a great job and gave us a really nice tour of the fire house.
Andreas, Morgan and Tae pose outside on the play firetruck.

Leslie and new baby Aya joined the tour. Isn't she sweet? The baby I mean...well Leslie is too.

The tour began with Fireman Chris showing the kids all of the Fire trucks at the station.

The kids got a great tour of this huge firetruck that took two drivers to run.

Sponge Bob apparently has left the pineapple and become a Fireman.

Andreas takes a turn at driving the Fire Engine.

Soleil showed off her girl power. She may be little but I'm pretty sure she could show those fireman what girls are made of !

Then Gideon took over driving.

All of the kids took turns as Fireman Chris helped them into the truck.

Taj seems to be saying, "I am NOT sharing this hose with you." But he did and all of the kids were able to handle the hoses and spouts to see just how heavy all the equipment is.

Fireman Chris put on his protective gear.

Then he talked to the kids alot about fire safety and how not to be afraid of Fireman during a fire.
The tour ended with Fireman Chris sliding down the pole.
It's been a great two days with our homeschool group.

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