Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Felt Food and Some Exciting News

Today was my youngest's fifth Birthday. We actually celebrated on Sunday but for a treat today we went to Burger King for Lunch. We haven't been there in ages so the kids were thrilled.King Tae wearing his crown.
Now for the news. I'm so excited about an upcoming project. I've been asked to be Managing Editor of a new Homeschooling Newsletter that is coming out. It's only a quarterly ezine type newsletter but I feel really good about it. Homeschooling for the liberal minded is not always easy so we are hoping that this Newsletter will be a reflection of that. First issue is due out on April 6th! I'm hoping it will open some doors for my writing. That's not why I took the position but would be an added bonus. This is important to me-the newsletter will be in keeping with our UU faith and will have contributors from across the nation. Very cool. I'm entirely proud of this and will be posting more about it soon.
In my efforts to earn more money, the kids and I have been making these very cute felt foodies. I'll be selling them soon. Here are my newest additions and a popcorn tutorial.

Bow Tie pasta with a pat of butter.

Eggs in the carton. I have a full dozen in the works.

Three peas in a pod. I just bought a felting needle so my peas will look better next time.

Ravioli-I'm working on the sauce.

Pink Frosted donut with sprinkles. The sprinkles are done with beads but for safety I'll do them with embroidery floss.

Or maybe some chicken for dinner? I'm working on some shrimp and pasta, sushi, and cupcakes.
Here is the popcorn tutorial.

Find a five petal flower pattern. I used my Cricut cutter for a pattern but freehanding is just fine. Those are my egg patterns above-just ignore those.
Trace the flower onto two layers of white felt. This flower pattern is about 3 inches wide. You can make yours more realistic by making it smaller but I think the larger size adds to the whimsy.
Cut out and pin together. I use a blue pen that fades away to do the tracing.

Now run a gathering stich around the center circle of the flower and pull tight. The petals will be bunched at the top and it will resemble a pouch or sashet. Run a few stitches back and forth thru the kernal to secure it. After it is sewn, take each petal and give it a quarter twist to "Fluff" the popcorn kernal.

See? A bowl of fluffy popcorn complete with a pat of butter. How cute is that?

Tomorrow we have a field trip to the Fire Station and our homeschool group meets on Thursday after Sign Language Class.

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candy said...

how cute! I love how the eggs came out!!