Friday, February 27, 2009

The Budding Chef and Artist

Today was history day. Morgan learned all about President Thomas Jefferson and how his home was called Monticello which means, "Little Mountain." She drew this awesome picture.
The kids also had Art Class Homework from last Monday. They had to search the house and find 5 things that they thought were art.
Tae drew the bookshelves and his African drumming stick.
Morgan is going to be a budding photographer like her mom. She decided to take pictures of the things she thought were art and then draw the pictures. She found the pattern in my prayer shawl facinating.

And she thought this picture of the colored pencils was really cool. I do too.

She even printed the pictures and then cut them out.

And then pasted them into her sketch book. She labeled and drew the pictures next to the photographs. She also chose my fall patterned quilt that my sister-in-law made for me and the loved the patterning on the bottom of an egg carton. She also picked out a wood emblem from her dresser.

Tae had a special day out with his Nanny today. She's not really the kids Grandmother but is a very close friend of the family. We've known Nanny since Patrick was first born. Tae went out to lunch with Nanny for his Birthday treat and then he got to go to Barnes and Noble and pick out his own book with the gift card that Nanny gave him. Of all the books he could have chosen, he picked out a Williams and Sonoma Kids Cookbook. He was so proud bringing it home and has already picked out many recipes to cook. He must have tapped into my brain because while he was gone today I was flipping through my Williams and Sonoma cookbook.

Morgan has a 7:30 am soccer game tomorrow and I'll be out grocery shopping. I'll post how I do with my whittling of the grocery bill. I'm off to cut coupons!


Kate in NJ said...

Hope he enjoys his new book..we have that one
and my P likes it. :-)
What a nice Nanny.
Have fun clippin' and savin'!!

Julie said...

I loved Morgans photographs. It is wonderful that she is looking so closely at things and really 'seeing' the patterns.