Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Our homeschoolers met today just before the snow started to come down. Today we were making homemade Chia pets. Thanks Rachael for this cool idea.
Joni brought some delicious Indian food for us to try. The lime-cilantro dip was delicious on the breads (wish I could remember the name of it).
Abby and Alex made a delicious fruit platter in the shape of a fruit Chia pet. Doesn't it look yummy?
Joni's girls get busy creating their own creature.
A bunny Chia takes shape.
Some very creative, googly eyed pets.

Love the swirly rainbow tail and all the feathers.

And lots with pom-poms and loopy ears. After everyone was done decorating, we filled the cups with potting soil and grass seed. Now we wait for the hair to grow!

And some with lots and lots of eyes.

And beaks and smiles and loopy ears.

Pretty pets lined up on a window.

The cold weather didn't stop the kids from playing outside.

Moonlight, The Meetinghouse Guard Cat, even watched over the kids. I'd love to find her another home-she doesn't get nearly enough attention here. We found her as a stray so she doesn't get along with other cats (even her own son that she birthed who's now our indoor cat) and she's best with older kids. She's about 3 years old and would love to live on a farm catching mice as long as she has a warm home or barn to sleep in at night. She loves to sit next to you and be pet and is still very playful and gets along fine with dogs and is up to date on all her shots.

The temperature dropped suddenly and it started to snow again just when the daffodils were starting to show their buds peaking thru the ground. We now have about another inch or so of snow.
I still haven't finished cleaning out my bedroom closet. Honestly, I'm scared to go back in there.

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