Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pet Care and Nature Walks

We got a lot done today. Morgan's Guinea Pig cage should have been cleaned this weekend but we finally got to it today. We really need to get the piggies a larger house. When we got them it was a mom and a baby and the baby was small. But they are now round and fat. They came with a larger cage but the last family modified the wire top to be open. We can't use that since I'm pretty sure the cats would have pig for dinner if given the chance.
This is Oreo. She's the baby of....
...Hazlenut. I also managed to trim the pig's nails today. They were totally overgrown and I hadn't noticed. They really are very sweet but very spoiled. Every time we open the refrigerator door they let out this WHEEEK, WHEEK sound. Everyone calls to Morgan that her alarm clock is going off.
We also cleaned Patrick's Hermit crab cage. He now has 4 hermit crabs and finally named them all. He decided on Hermes, Janus, Shrub, and Sheldon. Janus was the Greek God of choices and decisions. (I haven't verified this-it's what Patrick tells me). All four crabs are devouring a banana slice.
It's hard to see in this picture because of the humidity in the tank. Patrick loves to rearrange the logs, trees, extra shells and climbing wire that is in the tank.
Tae beckoned me this afternoon, "Mommy, come on a nature walk with me."
Honestly, I was cleaning our bedroom closet and was overwhelmed with the mess. It was cold out today but the sun was shining and the air felt good. Tae and I were outside for about an hour just looking at all the beautiful things in the yard. It was so much more pleasant than cleaning the closet.
I found this amazing moss growing in a planter box. The red tips were sparkling in the sun.

A picture of our barn and coop in the back. Our garden shed and awaiting garden in front. We bought the blue rain barrels last year to conserve water and help water the garden. The rainwater comes off the roof and into the barrels thru the gutters. I use the old farm table below the window to do my potting.

The view of our backyard from the upper deck. Our big willow tree behind the koi pond looks so bare. I'm longing for green grass too.

My stone Buddha that sits by my fountain and entry to my home. Next to Buddha is a heart shaped rock that a friend gave me.
My collection of river stones. I'm picky about my rock collection and even pickier about how they are arranged. Notice Morgan's fossil rock in the bottom right hand corner. It has trilobyte and leaf fossil impressions in it.

We found this Robin's nest on the ground right below where it was housed. The Robin built this nest in the elbow of one of our gutters. She managed to raise five families of babies this summer. The nest was very sloppy but held up all summer. It was packed solid with mud. She was the busiest mom ever.

This is our Koi pond. The ice finally started to melt and we can see the airator now. Tae calls it the volcano. The ice was glistening in the sun.

And of course Deer poop. Before I moved to the country, I had no idea that it looked like rabbit poop.......which we also have. Morgan says it looks like Cocoa Puffs.

Tae on the playset enjoying being outside.

This moss was growing under the Maple Tree by the woods. It was so nice and green and gave me hope for the Springtime.

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