Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding Beauty Everywhere

Last night Patrick decided to draw me a picture of a sea turtle. He sketched it out and then used watercolors to recreate the ocean water.
Doesn't it look like Crush from "Finding Nemo"?
Love the watercolor background. Even little bubbles coming off the turtle.
This morning Patrick and Morgan had sign language class at the library. Tae and I usually hang out at the playground unless it's too cold. Most times there is a bunch of kids but today it was empty. It gave Tae and I a chance to spend some time together and time for me to play with my camera.
He just loves posing for me. They all love this frog sculpture that is carved out a of a tree.
Even though this shot is dark I just love it. The lines and shapes on the playground were so inspiring this morning.
I love this shot too.
My sweet little man.
Even the rock climbing wall looked really cool this morning.

I was able to spend time just looking at nature. The playground is surrounded by woods and even though everything was bare-it was just beautiful.

The gorgeous moss covered stone wall. What is it about stone walls that intrigues me so?

Twisting vines surrounding a birdhouse.

I took this with my macro lens. Very cool. I'm not sure what this was in it's former life.

Another macro lens picture. The fuzz reminds me of snow.

More twisting vines.

Our homeschool coop group met today. It was very muddy out. Clover fell off the swing and well...look at the results. Those are sequin shoes she has on in case you can't tell. She wasn't too upset...she let me take a picture of her and had the cutest grin on her to the mud splatters.


Stephanie said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm crazy about the turtle picture! It's beautiful!

homeschool mamma said...

I think so too. I'll be posting some really awesome dragon pictures he did too. Love his artwork.