Friday, September 25, 2009

The Letter Nn

This week we covered the letter Nn.

Tae wanted me to take a picture of this.
He wrote the word new and drew a picture of a new carrot. Okay then.

We read No Jumping on the Bed, N.O. Spells No!, The Noisy Book and My New Boy.

Tae worked on his letter Nn templates.
Nn is for Noodles.

First he started to make patterns with the noodles but it was taking too long.

Then he just kind of squished the noodles together.
But Silly me, I used the curly elbow noodles so they didn't lay flat on the paper.

So we had to add LOTS of glue to make them stick.
Tae loved that.

He was able to read most of his word wall words this week.

And he colored this very cute Nest and hatching eggs.

And he did some worksheets and read some books with Nn words in them.
He is doing so well-I'm so proud of him.
The two older kids don't want to be photographed these days.
Patrick is coming along nicely so far with his math this year.
It's always been a struggle for him but I'm so pleased with his effort.
Wow! Four weeks of school are done already!
They year is flying by.
Next week the letter Pp.
See you then.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Homeschool Shell Painting

I'm a blogger slacker. Honestly, life is so busy that I cannot get to my blog. Homeschooling three kids this year, starting a new homeschool group and volunteer work at church leaves me little time to blog. I'll get into the swing of things soon.
Our homeschool group met last Thursday and we had a fun art project.
We had an abundance of seashells from our trips to the beach and from some of our other homeschoolers. We broke out the paints and let the kids have at 'em.

Emily brought some very cool rocks to paint too.

Willow painted her shell all pink.

See? It matched her shirt....and her shoes.

The pink princess.

I'm a nurse. I'm pretty sure this a heart. Yes, definitely!

Gideon and Cammy painted away.

Shane's shell started out a nice shade of red.

Kiara painted a happy rainbow on her shell.

Gideon painted this. He brought in a clay sculpture of it and recreated it in paint.
I wish I could remember "it's" name.

Kiara finished painting her large shell and moved on to some little neck clam shells.
I washed and saved these from my birthday dinner.
When you homeschool, you tend to save everything for art projects.
Morgan painted some rocks and large shells.

Tae preferred stripes.

By the end of the day they had many shells, rocks and treasures painted.

Easy, awesome projects that were a lot of creative fun.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ll is for Leaf

This week for Tae's Kindergarten we covered the letter Ll.

We've really been immersing him in reading. These were my Ll selection books for this week.

We sang, "Do You Know the Lettuce Man?
I'm pretty much tired of that song now.
Excuse my coffee smear across the page.

And Daddy stayed home today and interrupted, I mean helped with homeschool.

Tae cut out the letter Ll templates.

And starting LACING around two sheets of heavy construction paper that I punched holes into.

He glued the Letter Ll to the front and kept lacing.

When he was all done he had a really cool pocket folder to keep his Ll artwork in.

Morgan is very much the "gimme the assignment 'cause I have better things to do" kinda gal.
She likes to check of those little boxes to know that she's done.
And to show everyone else that she is done.
Ll is for learning while lounging.

I found these cute little tags at Lakeshore Learning.
Tae has been writing his numbers on them.
He made it all the way up to 29 and got stuck.
He loooooves to hang these on the wall.
And in case you haven't discovered Starfall yet-
It's a totally awesome sight that teaches the kids letters and sounds and calendars and phonics and games. Tae just loves it.

Ll is for log.

Ll is also for these really creepy lady bugs that wouldn't stop singing.

We painted these lovely leaves. The paper is made from cotton so when you use watercolors they absorb and spread. We gave it a little spritz of water and watched all the colors blend.

I love trays of water color paints. I have issues.

We hung our lovely leaves on our back door to our deck.
Aren't they just beautiful?

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Letter Cc

This week we learned about the letter Cc for Kindergarten. Tae recognizes and can write all of the alphabet and now we are working on the sounds that each letter makes.
Cc is for Cupcake. I'm totally addicted to .
I made him this great counting folder. He had to count the cherries (not sure who puts cherries on cupcakes) and then match the number onto the cupcake.

This was easy for him because all of the cherry counting was in the correct order. Once he figured that out, I mixed them up so they were out of order.
Number 10 was next to 7 which was next to 3 etc. Everything is laminated to be used again and he can pull them out when he likes to and play.

Isn't it cute?

Numbers one thru ten!

He's very proud!

I found some nice printable books to print out from .
There are a lot of words in these books that Tae recognizes. The books also contained a lot of high frequency words, like "is, "and" and "cow."
He practiced writing some letters and word recognition. He LOVES this word wall. On Monday and Tuesday I let him draw the pictures that go with his Cc words. On Wednesday and Thursday we wrote just the words and by Friday he was reading most of them. I did ten Cc words this week and Tae did just great with all of them.

Another board I made that Tae loves. I cut out letters of all of his word wall words and he played with these all week and formed words and played.
The printed out book, The Cat and the Fish, I found online on a really cool site
By Friday of this week, Tae was reading both of these books independently. I thought perhaps he had just memorized the verses but we did some reading today in a book called, "Cooking with Cat", and he recognized all of his Cc words. He even said to me, "I know what c-o-o-k is but what's that "ing" thing at the end.
I printed some letter template Cc's from dltk kids site here:
Tae cut them out, he's really good at cutting, added glue.....

And made some Caterpillars from pom-poms and googly eyes.
There are also some great activities on the link below.
We had a great week!