Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Take a Nap

We can learn a lot from our how to take a nap.
It appears to be a very fine art.
I have a lot to learn.

Finding a comfortable spot is important.
You must choose the middle of the couch to facilitate repositioning.
Repositioning is important to prevent muscle cramps
and maximum snoring power.

Snoring tends to be worse when one is
sleeping on their back.

Please remember the fig leaf next time.

Should you fall off the couch, looking sad
and pathetic ensures your return place
on the couch.
A nice comfy blanket makes for a delightful snooze.
It is important to get the blanket in just the right position.
Looking adorably cute, knowing you are not supposed to
have the blanket is a big help because everyone just sits there
and says, "AWWWWW!"
Wrapping yourself in the blanket makes it
harder for your owners to see you.

Ignoring their pleas to stop using the
blanket are the best plan. Afterall,
napping is a life goal.
Wrinkles and a squishy face makes your master
speak in high pitched baby talk voice
and give you kisses....
and guarantees a prime spot on the couch.
Just sayin'.

Napping is indeed a fine art.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grandma Rosie

Last week during public school vacation, our church RE program had some winter fun days.
Grandma Rosie told stories and played games with the kids.

There was plenty of space to play for the kids and adults.

One of our congregation members donated these cool styrofoam pieces and the kids broke up into teams and created their own very cool sculptures.

Morgan and her friend made Mount Olympus with
very cool glittery people.
Here is the full view of Mount Olympus.
Very Cool!
Tae made this ghost machine.

Tae made a set of earmuffs?

And there was this delightful sculpture of Sea World.
Fabulous Day!

Post Valentine's Day

Our homeschool group met last week and created some lovely crafts.

Okay so this wasn't part of the crafts. But I made 5 quarts of homemade trailmix for snacking.
Oats, dried tropical fruits, raisins, chocolate chips, cranberries, dried blueberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, peanuts and a few had mint chocolate chips (the kids request).
Doesn't it look yummy?

Back to homeschool. I really need to change out this Halloween tablecloth.
Is there nothing prettier than pink and red Valentine crafts?

Okay well maybe pastelly sticky flowers.

The kids made holders for their Valentines.

And did some weaving of placemats in Valentine colors.

Em wore bobbly Valentine Antenae.
I love the pretty plates.

Conversation hearts.
Did you try to make a sentence out of these when you were young?
It was hard to do.
Newly loved Teddy Bears and Hershey Cherry Cordials made a visit too.
Although the kisses didn't stick around for very long.

I have a penchant for candy bracelets and necklaces.
Yo-yo's...not so much.
And Smarties. I love Smarties.....
Hope your Valentine's Day was spent with love and laughter!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turning Six

Where does the time go when you realize that your baby is turning six years old? He seems so grown up now. He has thinned out, and I see the change from toddler to big kid. He is starting to show interest in his own things. He wants to play soccer. He loves music. He can work a computer better than me and beats Daddy at skateboarding on X-box.

Making wishes is very important.
He doesn't know it but I secretly wished he'd stay this way forever.
Much thought went into this wish.
And mommy has been busy and forgot candles.
So we used a candle from the church Christmas pageant.
It was a big candle. I think it still counts.
Bigger candles give bigger wishes.
Quite the look of satifaction after blowing out the candle.
He would not tell me his wish.

Presents are always fun.
We made him wait a really long time to open them.
That is still hard to do when you are newly six.

Matchbox car holder for a six year old.
Yes-72 cars it can hold.
We don't have that many.
Now you know what to buy him.

Lot's of slots for lots of cars.
A 6 year old's dream gift.

And racetrack's.
Matchbox cars are no good without racetracks.

Twenty matchbox cars to go in the case.
I think his daddy had more fun looking at them.

Uno cards.
Who doesn't love Uno?
Soon he'll lose his first tooth and start soccer and be in first grade.
Soon he'll be in highschool and have a girlfriend.
Soon he'll be in college and looking for a career.
Soon he'll get married.
Soon....Mommy is going to need another box of tissues.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Homemade Puppy Bowl

The kids have been busy with schoolwork but I kept forgetting to charge my camera battery so you are all stuck with looking at pictures of our adorable puppy Harley.
These were from Super Bowl Sunday.
Anyone watch the puppy bowl?

Harley waking up from his nap.

It led to some wrestling time with Stewie our yellow lab. Harley is much smaller but doesn't care and tackles Stewie any chance he gets.

And bites his ears when he wants the ball.
Pesky little brother.

Stewie accomodates him with a play bow.

Stewie gives up way too easily.
Little Brother wins!

Well almost wins.
Stewie comes to check out the situation.
Harley rolls over and gives kisses.
The ball rolls down the stairs and no one notices.
Both dogs start to tire.

Harley decides to take a nap.
We didn't cover him. I think the Dachshund in him makes him burrow.
He loves to be under blankets.
Can dogs take catnaps?

Hmmm but the fringe is just too tempting for this baby.

Harley in his shawl.
He makes me laugh.

He can't make up his mind if he wants to sleep or play.

His eyes get so heavy.

The blanket is so much fun though.

The fringe is enticing!

If he hides, no one can see him. So he thinks.

Oh but a nap calls.
Don't you love his wrinkles?

The kids call him accordian puppy and squish his
wrinkles back and an accordian.
His huge paws delight me along with this-
"I didn't do it look."

Such sweetness and light.

He keeps my feet warm when we nap on the couch.
Nothing like a puppy to keep you warm.

Or to give you puppy breath kisses.

Or someone to share your cookies with.

The naps never last.
The toy chicken was whispering subliminal messages to him.
Can I have a cookie?