Friday, February 13, 2009

Join Me for Dinner and Snippets

For some reason Blogger didn't post this entry on Friday night.
It's really Saturday.
It's Friday and I'm exhausted. I've been in a mood to cook this week. This was Thursday's dinner. Chicken Piccata, home made applesauce and peas. Tonight I made Chicken Florentine that was just delicious and baked three loaves of whole wheat bread.
I thought I'd let you in on some snippets from around my house and some random thoughts.
~Our taxes are done. Whooo-hoo. They money is already spent.
~Morgan has a soccer tournament in Cape Cod on Memorial Day weekend. It will be our only weekend away this year.
~We have our milk delivered. Patrick broke two bottles today when he was putting the delivery away and flooded my laundry room (that's where the spare refrigerator is) with milk. My laundry room smells like sour milk.
~I need to buy a new toaster AGAIN. What is it with toasters in this house?

~And I'm pretty sure the coffee pot will crap the bed tomorrow morning BEFORE I've had my coffee. I mean it's been 6 months since we bought this coffee maker. It's practically an antique.

~Tae found out that if he sits on wood chairs and farts that it makes a really cool sound.

~He also let me know that if you pee on a tree in the winter that it freezes before it drips down the tree. Nice.

~Tae came into my office today with a United States puzzle that was all dishelveled. He asked for help putting it together but we seemed to be missing some pieces. I asked him where the rest of the pieces were. He said, "Oh They didn't fit anywhere so I threw them out." Uh huh. I think I'll take that approach with things in my life. If it doesn't fit...throw it out!

~Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I loaded my kids up with candy today. Halloween and Valentines Day are days of enjoying candy.

~The kids are going to bed early tomorrow because I have a date with my husband. It's at home, I'm cooking and the kids better be scarce. We need Mommy and Daddy time. I missed his birthday when I was in the hospital and now I'm nothing short of neglectful.

~I cleaned off my desk today. I mean cleaned. Lysol wipes cleaned. There is nothing on it except the computers and keyboards. Very cathartic.

~Did you know Cathartic was my very favorite word?

~Did you know that Peeps and Smarties are my favorite junk food and candy?

~According to Patrick, if your Minister makes a pastoral visit to your've been pastorized (pasteurized-get it) Maybe it's only a joke a mom could love!

~Touching terra cotta (like clay pots) gives me the willies and makes my teeth itch. (It can happen)

~I need new monkey slippers. Everyone's feet should be happy and mine are happy in monkey slippers.

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