Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Might Have Lyme Disease If:

I found a great humourous article on http://infectiousoptimism.blogspot.com/p/chronic-badass-article.html
About how to be a lyme badass.

Here are a few more of my own.

You might have Lyme Disease if:
  1. You have been to at least 10 different doctors, have received at least 10 different diagnosis and have been given at least 10 different medications to try at each appointment.
  2. When somesome says, "Do you have anything for a headache?" and you produce 50 pill bottles of various items.
  3. You spend more on prescriptions than you do on your food bill.
  4. You accidentally cut your PICC line in half while cuttting off the saran wrap used to cover the PICC line so you could shower and feel human.
  5. You single handedly fix the PICC line, reconnect, change the caps and successfully flush the line and get it working all before your nurse shows up for the day.
  6. You have ever had your children decorate your IV pole for Christmas.
  7. Your family and friends have renamed you Jekyl and Hyde because your emotions are so labile they never know who they are dealing with.
  8. You have researched so much about Lyme disease and co-infections that you have to verse your Primary Medical doctor on the current testing methods and how to read a Western Blot test.
  9. Your current symptom list is now longer than Santa's Naughty and Nice list.
  10. Exhaustion is so profound that you've fallen asleep in the middle of a speech...that you were delivering.
  11. You've ever put popsicles in the silverware drawer or orange juice in the bathtub.
  12. Pole dancing takes on a whole new meaning for you.
  13. You have 500 sticky notes pasted all over your house so you can remember things.
  14. You run out of sticky notes because you can't remember to buy them when you are at the store.
  15. When people say "you look great" you want to secretely bash them.
  16. Your children can recite your medication regime in it's entirety.
  17. You are unable to use both hands to type and even if you can, the email appears to have been written by a first grader.
  18. Putting on socks exhausts you.
  19. You've put cat food in your cereal bowl.
  20. You've been barfing for days yet still manage to eat 3 meals a day.