Thursday, February 5, 2009

Homeschool Chinese Lanterns

I wanted to post a picture of all of my beautiful eggs. We started getting some blue and green ones. Aren't they gorgeous? They really have nothing to do with homeschool other than using the blown out shells for arts and crafts...and the kids learning to care for chickens....and coop construction...and the kids learning about fertilizer. Ok -they have everything to do with homeschool.
It was so nice to be able to get together with my homeschool group today. We have an empty in- law apartment that is all set up for the kids. But since I've been sick it's been over a month since we've met. I've missed everyone. Today we celebrated Chinese New Year (albeit a little late) by making cut out figures of the Ox (Year of the Ox) and beautiful Chinese Lanterns.
Chinese Lanterns have a long history. I found this on China Odyssey Tours.
Red Lantern (Hong Denglong)
The Lantern is closely linked with the lives of Chinese people, as you can find it everywhere, especially during festivals and holidays. Hanging on the front gate of houses and stores, red lanterns decorate the street in a unique way.
Lanterns in China are more than lighting devices and red lanterns are regarded as a basic symbol of the Chinese culture, a symbol of brightness, happiness and reunion. Both the gigantic lanterns at the Tiananmen Gate and the small lanterns of a peasant's hut express the same warm, happy and joyous atmosphere. You see a red lantern and your mind thinks of China.
Supposed to warn away evil sprits while brightening the mood with the red glow of good luck, red lanterns are considered a necessity of traditional Chinese festivals. In Lantern Festivals (the fifteenth day of the first Chinese lunar month), the preferred warm red of traditional lanterns creates a convivial atmosphere at the family reunion as well as lights up the hope for the New Year. Lanterns, especially the red-colored, deserve adoration for the magical element they add to the atmosphere.
The kids had a great time today. Everyone brought their own jars and one of the mom's brought tea lights. Tae is having fun with the tissue paper.
After arts and crafts, the kids all busied themselves with play. Zoe is using the art easel to paint the color brown. Lots and lots of brown.
This two headed Emily Gideon Monster showed up. Don't look at my walls. The Christmas decorations are still up on the walls at our meeting space. So is the Christmas tree.
Andreas Batboy also made an appearance. Batboy moves so quick that this picture is a blur. Fasting than a speeding bullet?
Teens and tweens hanging out in the kitchen.
Sarah decorating her jar lantern.
Kiara decorating her rainbow jar. What you can't see is the pink sequin purse dangling from her arm the entire time. Very sweet. We found some glittery gold ribbon for her new braids too.
Clover helping her mom with the string handles for the lanterns. Clover did some pink inking on her skin this morning. It matched her boots.
Sarah and Tae looking cute.
Alex and Abby join in on the fun. Abby goes to public school but took the day off to join us. Shhh-we won't tell anyone.
These aren't firecrackers, they are paper tubes that one of our mom's got from the recycling place. They made great handles for the lanterns.
The cut up paper tissue all in red. Later the kids added more colors.

The gorgeous creation of lanterns. They looked so pretty sitting in the window to dry.

Look at the light shining through.

All colors size and shapes. Beautiful work. The OX cutouts we had-Yeah not so fun. They didn't stay together and we ended up taping them. No worries. Ox sculptures to watch over the Lanterns.

My favorite picture. You can see the light shining through and my snow covered trees out the front window. Just beautiful. Even the Christmas vinyl clings in the window look great.
We also had Chinese noodles for a snack today. Great treat.
Next week it's Valentine Crafts.

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