Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learning About Geckos

Patrick's Gecko has kinda grown on me.
But we had her just a whole week and she turned
this very pale color and was listless.
Little did we know she was ready to shed her skin.

Her skin started to split around her face first.
Some of the pictures are red as she doesn't like the bright light and was seeking out a place to hide to shed her skin. She ended up in her little rock house.

She must have been very itchy and worked
for over an hour to get the skin off.

She would rub against the rocks and
in the sand to help shed the skin.

The weirdest part was when she ate the skin!
This is a great photo of her shedded skin and
the beautiful new color underneath.
Hard to see but the skin, once loosened, came off in big chunks.

Poor Nyla had to rest a lot.

She was exhausted.
But look at the colors appearing on her tail!

Then she was quickly back to work beautifying herself.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And of course the small piece of shedded skin that was
left over made a great item to be looked
at under the microscope.

You never know when a homeschool lesson will present itself!
Oh and guess what?
We've had more snow.