Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finding the Peace Within

Today at church, we had a guest minister, Reverend Christana. She spoke of Hospice and her work as a hospice chaplain. It was very near and dear to my heart. Both of my parents had hospice before my mom and dad died. I think they were invaluable in helping my family to cope. In November, I will be doing my first sermon on Organ Donation. Hospice care and Organ Donation are very much akin to one another. Many of my patients who are not eligible for donation do go on to hospice care.

Next Sunday we start the new Worship Partners program. I'm very excited about this. A few of the selected congregants help our minister with the worship service. I guess it would be somewhat equal to a Deacon's position in a Christian church. We will be doing the readings, chalice lighting, offeratory, hyms etc. When I attended the North East Leadership School last summer, worship was my favorite part. I love the planning and making each service special. Not everything will speak to everyone but something will speak to someone.

Today, during joys and sorrow, Larry got up and lit 2 candles for his parents. It always brings me to tears to see him get up for this part of the service. I know it is hard for him to express his thoughts and something must lay heavy on his heart for candle lighting. It is a time to connect with the congregation and with his family no matter how far the distance. It has been a difficult summer and year in general. Our church has held us fast many times this year.

Larry drove to CT to see his mom today. She is very weak. Tomorrow they will do an echocardiagram and some ultrasounds and also place a PICC line for IV nutrition. Larry said she looked a little better today but he worries so. Rev. Christana said today the secret to being a good hospice chaplain was just to be there for the person and to listen. I am trying to do that with Larry's mom. To just be there for the family. It is hard to just listen. It is hard to find the peace within when it eludes you. Sunday at church helps me find that peace and centers me for the week. It is a place to refocus on what is important and inevitably, something does speak to me.

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