Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

It's been a few days since I've written. It's September and life is busy once again. Soccer season has started, the homeschool group is busy and life has punched us in the gut this summer.

Saturday, Larry's mom came home from rehab after having her knee replaced, got very sick and ended up back in the hospital. She's very ill with c-diff colitis. Problem is she is allergic to the antibiotics she needs to help the infection. She's lost so much weight. I'm having difficulty with this as it brings back horrible memories of my own mother's illness.

After my Dad died, Mom deteriorated so quickly. It was a short 18 months after Dad died that we lost Mom. Larry's own mother is showing those same signs. She is so frail all we can do is pray.

His father is in a bad spot. His mind has been showing signs of dementia for some time and he is not functioning without mom there beside him. It has become apparent how little he can do for himself without mom there. Larry is struggling. It's been a busy week and he feels like he's abandoning his mom.

He's wanted to travel to see his mom really bad but tomorrow is a big day. Last month Larry had his cochlear implant placed and tomorrow is activation day. It's been 6 weeks since he's had any hearing at all in his left ear. The anticipation is killing him. Tomorrow we will travel to Providence to see Troy the audiologist for Larry's first mapping. I'm bringing my camera to take pictures so that I can show his mom. She's been very worried about him so we are praying this works for Larry. It will be his first time in 38 years that he has not worn hearing aids. We are very hopeful but trying to not have any expectations. Not sure that is possible but it is all we can do.
Our church year is off to a great start. In true UU fashion our church goes to lay ministry during the summer and with me being ill with Lymes disease I wasn't able to attend. Our first service is water communion. The entire congregation brings water from their summer travels and adds it to the communion bowl. It is a symbol of coming back together, a symbol of our travels leading us back home and a wonderful time for everyone to hug and get back together.
In June I did my first sermon with a few other people on our Small Group Ministry program. It was a great service and really wonderful to be in the pulpit. In November, I will be doing a sermon on Organ Donation with our minister. I'm so excited and hopefully can find some other opportunities to be in the pulpit. There has always been a secret love to go on to Seminary, but money, time and life will not allow right now. These are the busy years with the kids so for now I will fulfill the need with cameo appearances.

Our church and congregation really uplifted and sustained us this past summer. The Caring Circle at church brought us meals for two weeks when I was unable to cook because of the Lymes. We received so many cards, phone calls and offers of help for both Larry and for myself. They gave me rides to the doctors office when I couldn't drive and they came on pastoral care visits to cheer me. Our minister also came and I so enjoyed giving her a tour of my gardens when they were at their peak. It was delightful to be able to walk with her and listen to the birds and waterfall from the pond. A few dragonflys flitted by and the koi lipped the surface of the water to greet us. Small moments this summer that were a delight and respite for me. Larry has joined on as Vice-President of the church this year. I think he's starting to realize why I devote so much time them. He's getting it-he saw it this summer with the care we recieved.

Despite the hardships this summer we are very blessed in all that life has given us.

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