Sunday, September 21, 2008

School is Cancelled

I'm wiped out. What an incredibly busy week. Soccer practice for Morgan as well as a game this Saturday, 2 church meetings, Sign Language, homeschool group and then a parents planning night on Saturday. Today was our church's 50th anniversary so we had a potluck (had to cook a dish yesterday), I dropped off 4 tickets for the fundraiser, went grocery shopping, took care of the chicken coop (hate a stinky coop), 3 loads of laundry, compiled the minutes for our parents planning night and posted them, took care of some Small Group Ministry problems at church and worked on a few things for the auction fundraiser. This week isn't looking much better. But it is all very fulfilling stuff. It is just very full.

This afternoon Larry took the kids down to see his mom. She's been very ill and Larry is worried about her as am I. Larry's mom went to rehab last week after 3 weeks back in the hospital. But her strength is so depleted I'm not sure if she will be able to participate in the rehab. Larry said he and the kids stayed about an hour but mom slept the whole time. He had dinner at his sisters and the kids got to play with the new puppy Roscoe while they were visiting. Larry was able to visit with his brother and dad too. I think being with family has helped him. It will be a late night for the kids which means a lot of late sleepers tomorrow. We will save the bookwork for another day. Family is too important to miss these visits. They have learned so much more today by loving and being with their grandmother...even if she did not know they were there.

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