Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A very full week and I am tired so just a quick note tonight. Larry is hearing voices in his head. Ok-not really but his new problem seems to be the noise at work. His cubicle is only 3/4 walls and he's discovered that keyboards clacking are very noisy. The voices he now hears are all of his co-workers around him. He hears their phone conversations, their phones ring, their coffee cups hit the table, their chairs squeek. It's driving him crazy. He says the world is too full of white noise. He can even hear the blinker on the car now. He never even knew it made a sound. He makes me smile listening to him. He sends me short email lists a few times a day. They are funny to read-no one else would get them. They say things like, toilet flushing, or handdryer. It is his code words for letting me know that he can hear them.

Tonight we sleep. I am so busy tomorrow. Sign language in the morning with Patrick and Morgan, we meet with our Homeschool group tomorrow afternoon, and I have a church meeting at 7pm. This weekend we have a homeschool parents planning night here to plan our activities, field trips, history lessons, tours, and handcraft classes for the year. Then there is Morgan's soccer game on Saturday afternoon also. Larry will be here to help. It is September and busy.

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