Monday, September 15, 2008

Smart Sounds

Today was Larry's second Mapping of his cochlear implant. CI in deaf lingo terms. Today he got his smart sounds. check out the link here:

It's a totally facinating experience to be part of this. The smart sounds are programs for his CI that allow him to listen to music or beam in on a lecturer's voice- so I guess in an a way a more precise hearing. He had the CI all weekend and was really frustrated. Voices still sound like Daffy Duck to him but he is picking up so much more sound. His current program was set for general life noises. Most of which annoy him because he's never heard them before. He heard the chickens cooing tonight but the garbage disposal was a bit much.

He was also plagued by the return of the tinnitus this weekend and had a hard time distinguing sounds between the ringing in his ears and the sounds of the world. But last night, while watching a football game, he sat across the room with the volume on 30. In past years, I can't watch TV with him-especially a game. He sat on top of the TV with the volume up to 60. Talk about surround sound...and he wonders why the kids can't sleep.

Oddly, his snoring has improved. I don't think it has anything to do with the CI but how weird. Larry had Troy adjust the CI again today. He played all weekend with the 4 programs Troy gave him to see which worked better. It just amazes me that Troy listens to Larry's complaints, plugs him into a laptop and tweaks his hearing. My bionic man. I'm so very proud of him. This past Saturday he brought the kids to get new sneakers. He took off his right hearing aid to force himself to use the left CI. Larry is a great lip reader-come to dinner with us some time to eavesdrop on the people in the restaurant. Lots of fun! He did ok- buying shoes, and admitting to reading lips. But that is who he has always been and done-that won't change, it's just an added enhancement to his new found hearing. He's really pushing himself.

And on the horizon-I return to work soon after being out for 6 weeks with Lymes. Gotta go back sometime and really not looking forward to it. The homeschoolers in our town are at odds with the superintendent over some homeschool laws that we feel are an infringement of our Constitutional and State Rights. He doesn't see it. So,as a show of unity, all of the homeschoolers in our town sent him the same generic letter-to which he must respond in writing to each and every one of us. There comes a time when you must stand up for what is right. My kids are thriving with homeschool and we dont' need govermental interference telling us what is right and how to educate our children. We are praying for a good outcome.

Our fundraiser is quickly approaching and I'm busy as ever, M has started soccer practice and games every Saturday, and the kids start Sign Language this Thursday as well as having our homeschool group meet here. I have a meeting with our minister about our Small Group Ministry Program tomorrow, I have to run to work to hand in my "return to work" note and I have my homeschool parents planning night this week. It's a busy week. It is September.

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