Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Homeschooling allows us the luxury to suck every last breath out of summer. But, alas, the time comes when we must return to some book work. We ease gently into our work. It's an easy week. A summer of sun and fun and swimming and it's all my brain can handle. Today was Math and English. I need to switch spelling books for Morgan-her's stinks but thankfully I have a backup. She's a great speller to begin with so I don't worry much about her. Patrick did well with his Math today-it's always been a struggle for him.

Today was Morgan's first day of soccer practice. She is awesome at soccer. The first soccer game is this Saturday. She's on the same team with her best friend Gab and Gab's Dad is coach. They live right behind us and the kids all play so well together. Patrick didn't want to play soccer this year. He did try last year but his Tourette's makes it hard to play and honestly he just hates sports. I really think he did it for us but we are ever proud of him trying. He and his friend Kennan would rather hide in a good book.

We are still picking tomatoes in the garden-they are still good and sweet and not bitter at all. We have lots of eggplant and the pumpkins are turning early this year. I have a bumper crop of bottle neck gourds this year. I'll lose a few-I always do but can't wait to harvest them. There are several very large and heavy ones.
I talked to my doc today and I need to stay on my antibiotics for at least 2 more weeks or until my symptoms of Lyme disease are gone. Sigh.
Our new fireplace insert is being installed tomorrow in our efforts to not pay for oil this year. We shall see. They are coming at the same time as my homeschool group so it should be interesting.
All for now-I am very tired tonight.

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