Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a Matter of Faith

Larry has had the cochlear implant activated for several days now. Some things are really good, others-not so much. He heard the sound of wet, squeeking sneakers yesterday and today, the faucet running. He could hear the rain falling last night but thought it was white noise or static. It's like watching a 2 year old discover the world all over again. Larry is looking at things differently too. His hearing has enhanced his vision. Or maybe the other way around-not sure. He's watching the birds now-do they make noise? And our daughters guinea pigs-are they "wheeking" for their dinner? Is that the dryer buzzer down stairs?

He is frustrated right now about his lack of understanding of speech. Patience is easy for me-I see the changes. He wants it now, right this second, this very minute. I can't give it to him. I pray for guidance.

His first sermon at church today. He heard some, lipread part and missed the rest. Soon- sweetheart, soon.

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Marybeth said...

Hey you...I'm loving the posts about Larry's new found hearing. Thanks for sharing this intimate part of your life. It's exciting to hear about his new noisy discoveries. God is good!!