Monday, September 22, 2008


Websters Dictionary defines gifts as "something given from one person to another." It's hard to remember your gifts when it's been a difficult week. I'm trying to focus on those that uplift me. It's a difficult time of year in general. We are approaching the 3 year anniversay date of my mothers death. Halloween eve, my father in laws birthday and it used to be my favorite holiday. As I was watching my mother being carried out in a hearse after her death, my kids were downstairs preparing their costumes and carving pumpkins for Halloween. Mom loved to see the trick or treaters so the following night I continued to hand out candy. Some what detached from the situation but it felt right.
My mother in law is very ill. I couldn't bring myself to go see her Sunday. Too close to home. I wanted to be there for Larry to support him thru this difficult time but I had to avoid the situation to cope. I call his sister everyday for updates on his mom and relay them to him. So hard. I feel at such a loss.

We had another gift today. Our dog trainer Jeff came out to help us work with Pete again. When I was sick the poor dog got his daily walk with Larry but no obedience work. It was all I could do not to fall off the couch and mind the kids never mind the dog. He's a boxer. Boxers are stubborn and after 6 weeks of no training he was a lunatic. We love Jeff. He is awesome-Linda,his wife comes to my homeschool group and has become a really good friend to me and her daughter Lucy a friend to my son. Jeff came out to work with Pete again today. Rescue dogs have some issues. Or rather the people taking care of them do. (It's never the dog, it's always the trainer). The above picture is Jeff's dog taking an unexpected swim in our green pond in early spring at our last visit. Where did my prized Koi go? We love our rescued Boxer, we will continue to work hard to make him happy. He is a gift too.
Gifts. We're surrounded by them everyday. Sometimes it's just hard to recognize them. Take the time to recognize your gifts.

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