Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bleepin Lyme Disease

weekly hits
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Ticks...aren't they gross? They remind me of cockroaches. I kill them too if I see them. Useless and nasty creatures and not sure why God made them. It's on my list of questions for him when I reach the pearly gates.....or firery gates of hell-which ever comes first.

We have an abundance of ticks in our yard should anyone be in short supply. I spent my summer fighting two tick borne illness, both lyme and erlichiosis. I also watched my liver rot with my weekly labwork. Each week it worsened instead of getting better. Many told me about Milk Thistle Tea ( I found mine at www.smallflower.com). Milk Thistle is a homeopathic liver detoxifier. But be forewarned....it gives you bloody diarhhea for two days. Just thought you'd like to know. It's also supposed to help after a hangover. I've yet to try that. Never mind the thiamine, folate and multivitamins for the alcoholics at work...give them milk thistle!

I don't recommend the Milk Thistle extract. Even mixed with juice it's downright nasty. Bitter and foul tasting. I'm adding my medical disclaimer here. I'm not a doctor but I play one at work but truly...consult a medical professional before trying any homeopathic remedy.

Where I'm left now is totally exhausted, muscle aches and really bad headaches and irritability. I don't know if it is post lyme syndrome of if the 2 icky tick diseases kicked off an autoimmune response like fibromyalgia. I'm leaning toward the second since my symptoms initially cleared up. Except the ability to type. That still is not good and it takes me forever to post. The past few weeks I've been in this fugue state and last night made a couple mistakes at work. Nothing serious but it might have been if I didn't catch them. I really feel like I'm in a brain body disconnect. I follow up with my Doctor on Thursday and hopefully we can find some answers. Lyme disease is the new Herpes.....it's the gift that keeps on giving. Lyme disease sucks. Ticks suck. Did I mention that ticks suck?

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Marjorie Tietjen said...

Hello...I have had chronic lyme and babesiosis since 1989. This is my lyme blog if you would like to visit www.lymesentinel.blogspot.com