Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homeschool Christmukkah

Today we woke up to a frozen back yard. It had snowed and sleeted overnight but the temperature was starting to rise. It created this beautiful fog in our back yard. This is our Koi pond. To the right is the garden shed and in the back is the barn and chicken coop. Here is our chicken Rosie settling in the nesting box. Rosie started laying eggs just last week and now gives me an egg every day.

Our homeschoolers meet at my house. We have an empty in-law apartment that we named "The Meetinghouse." The apartment has four rooms. This is the craft/science/game room. Yes those are vinyl tablecloths on the floor. They help to keep the space clean and protect the carpet.

Here is the left side of the science/craft room. The jars on the shelves have all kinds of things to look at with magnifying glasses. There are locust exoskeletons, moss, geodes, shells, empty cocoons, bird nests and a whole host of other creepy and interesting things.
The is the back view of the livingroom/library room. The kids did a great job decorating the Christmas tree. To the right is the parents homeschool resource books.

This is the other half of the livingroom/library. These books are all available for the homeschooled kids to borrow. All of the boxes are recent donations that need some shelving space. I need more shelves! This picture is where the toddlers usually hang out. Everything is kids friendly and nothing is off limits. We also have a full functioning kitchen where the painting easel is and some storage for arts and crafts. I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen.

Lucy and Linda brought crafts to make Stars of David today to celebrate Christmukkah. We used 6 popsicle sticks to make 2 triangles, painted them blue, then decorated with lots of glitter and Christmas Trees. I'm talking lots of glitter! This is Leslie in the left of the picture. She was due yesterday ( but still came to The Meetinghouse today). We are all anxiously awaiting the birth of her fifth baby!

See? Beautiful Stars of David....on recycled Halloween plates.
And here's the creations with lots of glitter. Did I mention we used lots of Glitter? And blue paint..lots and lots of blue paint.

Then Linda explained to all the kids how to play the dreidel game. The kids got chocolate coins (and I can't remember the proper name for them) and candy canes as prizes. All the kids were able to take home a dreidel and directions for playing since the dreidel is in Hebrew.

And Speaking of are more crafts.

And Tae made a Christmas wreath with a coat hanger and strips of green garbage bags. Then he decorated them with spiders and skeletons.

Crafty Boys hard at work.

The girls playing house which really was a castle. At least I think it was because it had a Queen and Princess. Prince Gideon was banished to the other room. The girls had a great time decorating each other's faces with make-up.

Here is Lucy working on her Star of David.

And Soleil and Colleen . The bigger kids often help the little ones with projects we may be doing...and sometimes they don't.

And here is Clover working on a snowman.
It was a Great day with our Meetinghouse Group. Our three hours together flew by today.
In January we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year.

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