Monday, December 15, 2008

Homeschool Ceramics Class

After we did some Math this morning, we took a ride to Clayground. Clayground is a ceramics studio for painting but they also do glass fusion and beading. I had several items to pick up from our homeschooler Mom's night out (Diva's night). I painted a huge pasta bowl with sunflowers. It's a little streaky but not bad for my first ever ceramics experience. Here it is.

The three kids came with me and each selected a piece to paint. Morgan chose a plain plate which she decorated with "Cookies for You".

Patrick chose a piggy bank and he painted it all in blue.

Tae chose a mug with a snowman on it. He loves hot chocolate...well

mostly the marshmallows that we put into it.

When we came home, Morgan and her friend from next door played a game of MASH. It's kind of like a paper fortune telling game for 9 year olds. They told me that I was going to live in an apartment, with a normal amount of money, that my wedding dress was going to be black and my honeymoon would be in a small box and my profession would be a pooper scooper. Not too far off from reality if you ask me! Here are the girls playing MASH.
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