Thursday, December 25, 2008

Overnight French Toast and Sock Monkeys

Merry Christmas!
What a whirlwind few days. On Christmas Eve we had to be at church at 2:30 so that the kids could rehearse for the Christmas Pageant. Tae and Morgan were both Angels and sang "Angels We Have Heard On High." Tae even managed to not light saber the baby Jesus this year. They both did great. I was in charge of the angels and we had a few costume mishaps. Their wings were made out of cardboard and about 3 minutes before the kids were supposed to sing, all of the angel wings were splitting apart. I managed to find three sets of wings from last year and quickly replaced them. Nuts-two more broke. I reached around to the Kiosk and grabbed sticky name tags that we use for the visitors at our church. A couple of quick tears and I had some great tape. No one even noticed the small red stripes going down the back of the wings. Whew! Crisis averted. We headed home to a big crock pot of soup and some bread that I had made earlier in the day. This is Tae looking ever so thrilled to be in the pageant. I'm not really sure why Baby Jesus is wrapped in a pink blanket. Morgan does not like dresses but knows that I get one holiday a year where she does not have a choice but to wear a dress. She wouldn't have chosen a dress to wear but at least put this on without complaint this year. Our friend Kate gave us this dress and it had a matching coat. Of course I had to run out to buy her new dress shoes. Geeez-I wish these kids feet would stop growing. Isn't she gorgeous in Red? And here's me with Morgan, Tae and Patrick. Morgan has a need lately to look goofy in pictures and Patrick refused to take off his coat. Tae was screaming "You're squishing my head". And the three kids posing nicely because they have to and it's Christmas. The kids grandfather, who we call Poppy, came yesterday and is staying until Friday. He was so pleased to see the kids do the pageant but it was hard for him without Larry's mom. One of our Christmas traditions is always to read "The Night Before Christmas." Poppy is reading an article and Patrick is now 12 and bailed on the story. Sniff. But look how cute our dog Stewie is. Oh and hey, I guess I should have gotten Larry some new slippers for Christmas. Nice worn out soles and holes in the bottom. Don't you just love the honesty of pictures? Morgan and Larry had a nice debate over whether it was "Donner" or "Donder" in the story TNBC.
Larry gave the kids their baths (well not Patrick who's twelve) and I headed back to church for the 9pm Candlelight service. I was doing a reading this year that was just lovely. I didn't leave church until 10:30 and raced home. I did not have one Christmas present wrapped. UGH. Larry helped me wrap and we both dropped into bed by midnight. I have a really good husband. He even cooked the overnight French toast- another tradition that we have every year. His sister Eileen gave us the recipe and it is now a family favorite. Everything gets put together the night before, the French Toast soaks overnight and gets cooked in the morning. It makes a delicious caramelly sauce on the bottom and when you flip it over it drips down the sides and YUMM! There are no calories in this breakfast I'm sure of that.
Ahh yes, and the Sock Monkeys? Well here they are. My brand new slippers that my daughter picked out for me. You remember sock monkeys, we all had them. Those are my feet above. Hmmm-I'm very glad my legs looked shaved. They are very comfortable slippers and I'm a total knockout in these slippers and my pink fuzzy robe with the zipper up the front. My husband just loves this outfit. NOT!
Larry also got me a Cricut scrapbooking cutter. Love it!!!! I really didn't expect it and when I asked him why he got it for me he said, "Because I like to make you happy." That is a good man. I'll post more on the Cricut cutter later. And for the past years, ever since Tae could speak (and that was the second he got off the plane from Korea) he has been asking for a Guitar. Well, he was beyond giddy this year when he opened it up. Just look at that face.
Uncle Kevin and his girls came for dinner today. Kevin is an awesome musician and has just finished his first CD. He was happy to tune both Tae and Morgan's guitar (they both got one) and give them a few quick lessons. Tae played and serenaded us all day. Notice the fabulous stickers he put on the guitar. A purple heart with wings....and a skull and crossbones.Strummin' along.
And even though the holidays have been hard on Dad, we all managed to laugh. It was so good having him visit. The kids were so happy to spend time with him and it was a nice reminder of how important family is. Now if you look over my Father in law's right shoulder you will see our backdoor sliders.......full of kids handprints and dog snot. Guess I missed that when I was cleaning but geee-look how nicely it photographs. Don't you just love the honesty of pictures?

Uncle Kevin played the kids guitar for everyone and sang some songs. That's me in the pink shirt, Poppy's having a nap to the far left. I think one of the songs was called Shiny Silver Cup and another Hairy Dog. Kevin let me listen to some of the music on his CD. Larry had a hard time understanding the lyrics so Kevin will send those to him.
And of course here is Morgan playing her guitar. Notice the sparkle emanating from the guitar. We got her the one with the silver flame because after all....she is a rock star!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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