Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jam Packed Weekend

My Oldest

Our Decorated Chicken Coop

Our First Egg!

Tae behaving at Church...Not!

Not a hen .

First Snow and Snowman

The Tree Felling

My 3 Kiddos

Morgan Looking Goofy

Tae my youngest looking cute. Or He might be in trouble and trying to look innocent.

We had a jam packed weekend. This past Friday I went out with 5 other of our homeschooling mom's for Diva's night out. We went to this place called Clayground and did ceramic painting. Yeah- I know- wild night out on the town. But considering we hardly ever get out without our kids this was a real treat. We had a blast-good wine, good snacks and good company. We're going back in February and can't wait. I made a huge pasta bowl and painted sunflowers on it. Very Tuscan.
Saturday morning we went to cut our Christmas tree at our local tree farm (yay Big John Leyden's) and then spent the afternoon untangling lights, decorating and rifling thru christmas boxes for the items we needed. I then baked 2 huge pans of Enchilasagna, our new favorite dish. It's like lasagna except with echilada sauce and black beans. The kids love it. One pan for us and the other pan for the potluck at church on Sunday.
Sunday was very full too and we woke up to a blanket of snow-the first of the season along with some bitter cold. I think I elbowed Larry around 2 am to throw somemore wood on the fire. I was cold! We had church in the morning where I was worship partner, the church craft fair after service where I bought some delicious pepper jelly and really cool stone trivet that was made by one of our other homeschool moms.
When we got home, we decorated the outside of the house with the window wreaths and garland around the door. And yes, even the Chicken coop got a wreath. Doesn't everyone decorate their chicken coop? The kids were delighted with the snow and made the first snowman of the season complete with carrot nose. He didn't last long though as Mr. Snowman apparently was the quarterback for an impromptu game of snowball football. Mr. Snowman got tackled and then lots of laughter followed.
Then it was back to church for Christmas caroling and the family potluck. Tae mostly climbed in and out of the chairs (we don't have pews) and chimed in on a few rounds of Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman.
I brought the kids home (Larry bailed on Christmas Caroling-something ridiculous about a football game-gheesh) and went out to take care of the chickens. I changed their water and fluffed the nesting boxes and there it was! Our First Egg...a creamy pink perfectly oval egg. Took them long enough-only 20 weeks. It was smaller than usual but they'll get bigger as the birds mature.
Whew-I'm wiped!
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