Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are you "Feeble Minded?"

Everyone knows that my favorite show is Ghost Hunters on the SCI-FI station. I have a secret crush on Grant and Jason who are the stars (very cool and level headed when I would be running and screaming from the room). The show is on Wednesday nights starting at 7pm. Who doesn't love a good scare, haunted place or creepy movie? I was browsing over the TAPS sight when I found information on the LADD center in Exeter, RI.

The LADD school was for the "feeble minded" or mentally retarded as they called it then. Lobotomies were a frequent occurence and the place is said to be haunted. My heart goes out the many victims of this institution including the 9 year old boy that was murdered there. Dr. Ladd retired the following year. Wonder why? At any rate, I was perusing the admission criteria for the LADD center and found this document. It is an IQ test that would determine if you were "feeble minded" enough for admission. I passed, or failed, depending on which way you want to look at it. None of my neuro patient could pass this test. Heck, I can't either. So peruse as you may and let me know if we need to reserve a room for you. Zoom in to read this document. It's very scary.

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Marybeth said...

Hey - (I think) I scored like you did...So, do you think we could get a double room...or do you think everyone gets a single? ZOINKS! What a freakish assessment...Thanks for passing it along - I'm gonna have Craig take it...

potpourri poets said...

My husband failed too. Amazing that this was an actual admission criteria. 99% of the population would be a home for the feeble minded. Sadly this place was also used for psychiatric disorder patients.