Saturday, December 27, 2008

Power Balls and Cricut Cutters

Today we pulled out a kit that the kids got for Christmas. Ahem-ok it was a kit from last year. We cleaned out our craft cabinet today and found them. But we already did make a few of these over the summer we just forgot about them. The kit is from Rose Art and makes these really cool rainbow balls. Of course they look nothing like the spectactular rainbow colored ones on the package but the kids had fun regardless.The kit makes quite a few balls and comes with lots of packages for creating. The big ball takes 4 packets and the little ball takes only one.
Tae with the colors he chose for the big ball. Morgan showing the mold. The molds look like little grenades. Morgan and Tae filling the mold with neon yellow. Then the whole thing gets dunked in a cup of water for one minute. I'm not sure what this stuff is made out of but it looks like silica gel. Oooohhh-aaaaahhhh. A freshly out of the mold ball. Reminds me of the Earth. We made five balls today. The colors were so Neon that the light kept bouncing off them and I couldn't get a good picture.And if you look at the far left ball...the one that looks like the Earth you will notice it's a little flat on the top. Well hey, the Earth was flat at one time wasn't it?

Oooohhh and here is my new toy that I got for Christmas from my incredible husband. It's for all of the scrapbooking I do and it's called the Cricut Cutter by Provo Craft. I have been wanting one for a while and since we don't go out much, I have to find things at home to keep me busy. Can I just say I love this machine. (Provo Craft people-please feel free to send me any of your cartridges for a test drive or any of your products for that matter. LOVE THEM!) This really has to be one of the easiest machines to use. The sensor in it can even tell where the last cut was so that you don't waste any paper when you do your next cut. Need to use up those scrap problem. Just type in the size of paper you have and Cricut automatically configures how the request will fit best on the paper. How cool is that. I'm going to be doing a scrapbooking class with our homeschool group mom's soon. The only drawback to the Cricut is that the cartridges for different fonts are very expensive so I'll be using this one included cartridge for a while. But my birthday is in August if anyone would like to contribute to my habit.

So what does my Cricut do besides having the cute little Cricket logo on the right? It cuts letters and shapes for my scrapbooking. In the past I have used tons of stickers for titles and such but always had trouble finding the right size or color. Well no more. I can make letter from 1- 5 inches tall, flowers, shadow letters and a whole host of other things.
This is the little screen where you type in what you want it to cut. I was practicing with the "I Love Cricut!" See the very cool keypad that comes with each cartridge. Here it is cutting the "I Love Cricut" letters.

Some random letters, it's your day and the shape of the sun that I just cut out.

And a thank you to my sweet husband who always thinks of me and tries his very best, every single day to make me happy.
And the I Love Cricut letters. Yes, I know the "U" in Cricut got cut off. I was practicing on scrap paper and cut the paper a bit too short. Still learning. Oh and look how nice the grubby little fingerprints on the table photographed.

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