Friday, December 12, 2008

Germs And Cookie Swap

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The Aftermath

Glittery, Shiny Ornament Making

I've been battling a cold for a couple of days. It's the mommy mentality-ignore it because we have things to do and it will go away. Not. Yesterday was very full and I did too much. I sat thru the kids sign language presentations early morning, met with 26 homeschoolers for a Cookie Swap and holiday crafting and then took Morgan to her soccer game. (They did win 6-1). Larry brought home Chinese food for dinner as there just wasn't time to prepare anything.

I was feeling very tired and not great after the homeschoolers left. By the time I got home last night it was almost 7pm and I was dragging. My muscles were in horrible shape from the Lymes/Fibromyalgia and despite some muscle relaxants I had a fitful night of sleep.

I thought after some rest I would feel better but then woke up this morning with a temperature and feeling like death and bad muscle pain yet again. I have to call out sick from work-there's no way I could make it thru a 12 hour night shift. I've had so many absences that I'm surprised they haven't fired me.

My doc is supposed to talk to the doc at the lyme clinic, still haven't heard anything. Not even sure if my Western Blot is back yet-the results weren't in as of Wednesday. So no answers yet. I hate waiting. I'm an instant satisfaction kinda girl and this isn't fitting me at all.

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterdays homeschooling get together. We had 8 moms and 18 kids attend. Two families missed the event due to illness. A great turnout and lots of fun. These are things that keep me going.

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