Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Day is It?

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I'm already longing for spring and some flowers. I hate this time of year. It's sometimes too cold to play outside and my garden is sad. I miss my butterflys and flowers and green grass. It's been a whole week since I've posted. I've been having a hard time and really need to follow up with my doc about the lingering muscles aches, headaches and pain. My legs hurt so bad this week and were so heavy that walking up stairs was hard and painful. We'll see. Tired of talking about it.
I worked a 12 hours shift last night, slept until 2pm today and am very tired. I lose track of the days when I work the night shift. Larry took the kids down to CT today to see his sister and Dad and stopped by the cemetary to put some flowers on his mother's grave. It was the first time he had been down there since she died so I'm sure it was hard.
Oh and the damn silkie chicken is not a hen. He's a rooster. He crows in the coop every morning now. So now we are down to 5 egg layers. IF they ever lay any eggs. We have one chicken that everytime you get near it it squats down-a sign of iminent egg laying they tell me. Yeah sure.
We are taking the day off from church tomorrow for some family time. Larry and the kids and I are going to an alpaca farm not too far from here. Our neighbors are joining us so it will be nice to get out and the event is FREE. My favorite type these days. Then in the afternoon I have a parents planning evening for my homeschool group.
Many of us have been discussing the "unschooling" method. Look it up-it's too difficult to explain. But most of us employ some bit of it. Our discussion tomorrow will center around this method (can you call it a method?) and what works and doesn't. I'm somewhere in the middle.I do have to say that once I backed off of formal lessons and gave the kids some room it has made for much more enjoyable days and they are learning so much. This week we have ornament making with the homeschoolers, next week a cookie swap and the following week holiday crafts.

My oldest Patrick blows me away with what he knows about science and biology. He just finished reading about genes and chromosomes and is now into chemical compounds, elements etc. I think I need to dust of my chemistry brain. When I was in highschool I actually loved chemistry but we had a very fun teacher and roasted marshmallows on the bunsen burners.I actually did learn a lot in that class. Patrick recently did an experiment on the PH of things and tested acid/base balances.
Morgan has been busy blogging and doing a lot of song/poetry writing. She had a soccer tournament yesterday. Three games back to back and did well. They one the first game, lost the second, and tied the third. One tired girl afterward tho'.
The family just got home and it's chaos so going to run, have a glass of wine and sit by the fire.

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Marybeth said...

Hang in there, pal. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers...