Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Check Up

weekly hits
DuraSoft 3 Litetint

Tonight I thought I'd blog about what's been going on during the week. Lately I've been blogging about specific items but here it is a nut shell.

-Some people will never get that they are rude or wrong.
-I created another blog for my kids to write. Check it out here:
-I have to renew my CPR this week. I hate CPR renewals. I spent 3 hours taking an online test for CPR in person that normally takes 20 minutes. And I still have to go tomorrow morning to do the 7 am.
-I no longer want to be a nurse but since I have bills to pay this will have to do. Something else is calling me-please help me find it.
-My chickens have yet to lay one frappin egg.
-I'm still having post lyme symptoms and most likely will be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. How frickin' happy am I.
-I can no longer type to save my life.
-Morgan's soccer schedule is killing me.
-I'm tired.
-I made some yummy lemon chicken for dinner tonight.
-I think little keebler elves come in the middle of the night and mess up my house. No really.
-Wine should come with an intravenous option.
-Foley catheters should be mandatory for nurses and mommies.
-I hate the cold weather.
-Morgan has an entire notebook filled with songs. Hopefully she'll be a big songwriter someday and support me at the nursing home while someone wipes my butt, feeds me strained peas on a spoon and straps me in a chair because I beat the crap out of the nurses who tried to put the ugly shoes and elastic waisted pants on me.
-my children have a better wardrobe than me.
-A trip to BJ's cost us no less than $300.

I'm going to bed early tonight.

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