Tuesday, November 11, 2008



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Has anyone's inbox become the new telemarketing ploy of the computer age? Good God, I worked a 12 hour shift last night and didn't get to check my emails until 3pm this afternoon. Now granted we have really good computer security that catches most of the spam but I still check my spam box because inevitably something important ends up there.
Let's see....today I had my choice of meds for ED (think viagra if you don't know what that is), I could buy a bachelor's degree online for $29.99 without attending college, I could order a script of vicodin and get free Valium if my order was over $29.99, and I found out that there was a sweepstakes waiting for me for $5000 and a rich millionaire in Haiti wants to leave his estate and money to be because he's dying of cancer. I need to send him my bank acount info first. Let me get right on that.
My phone doesn't ring anymore with telemarketers. I guess that's a good thing but somehow they found my email address. I think there should be a "do not email list" for computer spam just like they have a "do not call list" for the phone. Any violators would have to pay the person they are emailing just for being annoying.

That's my rant for tonight. SPAM. Not the meat product you thought it was.

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