Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joy Behar on The View-"Homeschoolers are Demented"

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Someone from my UU homeschoolers group sent this link. Joy Behar from the view was talking about whether Barak Obama should send his girls to private school or public school. Joy Behar chimed in and said that "all homeschoolers are demented." That we teach our children to be afraid of other children. WHHHAAAAAATTTTT? Barbara Walters chimed in and said homeschoolers were "socially isolated". You can see the video clip here. I was totally appalled. What exactly does she think we do with our kids all day, hide them in the bathroom? And socially isolated? Remind me what that means when I'm driving my kids to homeschooling groups, art classes, girlscouts, sign language, soccer, karate and playdates. Joy Behar made comments that were so stereotypical of homeschooling while knowing nothing about it. So Joy-if your listening (or if you can read), give me a call. I'd love a guest spot on The View or for you to spend a day with us to see what some real homeschoolers are all about. Research before you comment please.
And for those that would like to reach The View. You can contact them here:


Kat RN said...

What Joy Behar said was very closed minded and insulting. I will admit I have mixed feelings on homeschooling. Although, I do believe in some cases it is the best option. While some homeschooled kids are socially isolated, the vast majority of them are not. I think for Joy and Barbara to have made generalizations like that was entirely inappropriate and will only serve to perpetuate myths and misconceptions regarding homeschooling. With that said, I have seen your scrapbooks and I think you are doing an amazing job teaching your children.

Sara said...

While the comments totally misrepresent homeschoolers, I can't get too upset every time this happens in the media. We are a minority, and mainstream media generalizes the heck out of minorities at times. The View made fun of those women from the compound in Texas that had all their kids taken away ... because they didn't wax their eyebrows or wear makeup. These are the important social issues they discuss.