Friday, November 14, 2008

OOOOhhh That Was Fun-NOT!

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We started the day going to sign language class with the kids. I always stop at DD for a coffee. While there I saw one of the other soccer Mom's from Morgan's team. We had a full conversation for an hour the night before but do you think I ever asked her name? Noooooooo. So here I am waving like a mad woman and don't know her name. Thankfully she didn't see me. I did find her name out later at the soccer game.

Oh and the soccer game at 4pm-let me tell you about that. In general, it's a terrible time of day for my youngest who's 4 1/2. From 4-6 pm I've always called it the witching hour. Cranky kids who want dinner, need to sleep-don't know what they want. Tae is an early eater. Dinner must come by 4:30 at the latest or he melts down bigtime. Don't tell me to give this kid a snack-it doesn't work. This kid needs a full belly! It doesn't matter that he had a donut, 2 cupcakes, and apple juice at the homeschoolers meet. He's famished.

But since the soccer game was at 4 pm dinner wasn't going to happen. I thought when I got to the indoor arena that I would just grab a slice of pizza for him. You would think that they would actually have the snack bar open to accomodate my child. No such luck. I did manage to find some goldfish in my pocketbook (doesn't everyone have this emergency stash?)and then ran to the car and found a bloated juice box that looked like they had been using it for a soccer ball in the back seat. Tae was happy enough with that but then decided he didn't want to stand and climbing the bleachers up and down would be more fun. Small crowd today though because of the early game time-no problem-climb away.

I did manage to get him to sit for a few minutes as I strained to watch my daughter get her 4 minutes of game time. Tae continued to climb up and down...and then fell right thru the bleachers literally hanging by his fingertips and chin as his feet dangled below. Did you ever try to scale people to get to your child. My kid is dangling and some woman is shooting me dirty looks. I managed to push her over and grab Tae by his ears and yank him up. Then came the screaming. Crap! Meltdown! He didn't get hurt but was scared to death and screamed like someone was beating the snot out of him. My surrounding bench warmer parents sooooo appreciated that. I managed to text my husband (all in capitals) "Bring home wine". My saving grace was the final buzzer that announced the game over and drowned out Tae's blood curdling screams.

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Marybeth said...

Ahhhhhh, another wonderful day in the adventutres of parenting! Glad to hear Tae didn't fall - JEEZ - That would've been a mess.
I hear ya' about the witching hour(s)...Sugar has several hours a day of witchiness...She too is always famished...I'm famlus for packin' snacks. I've got goldfish, animal crackers and Teddy Grahams at the ready daily; every outfit I own must have pockets big enough to accomodate snacks!