Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stewie In Action, Pete and his flotation device

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Whew! What a week. So above are some pictures of Larry's hearing dog Stewie in action. Stewie is still training with Larry as he learns where all the sounds in the house are. He's had some difficulty in figuring out what he needs to do. While at NEADS most of the training was done in one room. Here, we have 3 kids, another dog, 2 levels to our house, many different noises and 3 kids to all provide a distraction from Stewie's work. But he is very smart and picking things up quickly. And considering he's only 10 1/2 months old-he is doing remarkable. It's amazing to watch him when he has his vest on. He immediately knows he's going out in public and his whole demeaner changes. He is spot on perfect in public. When we light a candle at church he even knows to tuck in his tail away from the flame. Now that's a smart dog.

The picture above is Stewie waking up Larry when the alarm clock goes off. Nothing like having 60 pounds of dog jump on you in the morning. Have to say that as soon as I hear the alarm go off I immediately tuck and dive into the fetal position. Stewie doesn't let much get in his way and that includes me. I learned that the first morning he jumped on us. You can hear a frequent "oooffff" from both Larry and I as Stewie jumps and dives onto the bed. If Larry doesn't get up, Stewie crams his head under the pillow and plows the pillow across the bed until he does get up. It really is kinda cute.

The other picture would be my 2 youngest kids, affectionately torturing our dog Pete. The kids took an old crib mattress, placed it in the middle of the living room and dubbed the pirate ship "Captain Morgan." Hey-he's one of my favorite men...right along with Jose' Cuervo and Jack Daniels. Sorry-couldn't resist. Morgan found an old bow from her bow and arrow set and used it for the anchor. Her 3-D purple star became the "compass" or north star to guide the ship. Planning out the treasure map came next. (They still won't tell me where that dang treasure it). And of course...look at the ship's dog Pete. You will notice that the "life Preserver" around his neck is actually a neck pillow that I got from a drug rep at a nursing conference. Thanks Zofran people! Pete was less than thrilled to be the ship's mascot and promptly abandoned ship.

This past Thursday we went to a homeschool event. It was an unschooling non-con. Lot's of very cool information and some awesome kids having a blast there. We had so much fun and one of the other mom's hosted the event. All the kids learned to tie-dye shirts or socks or pillow cases. All the shirts came out so cool looking and I'm even letting the kids where them to church tomorrow. We had a totally fabulous time. It's been many a year since I tie-dyed but something we will definitely do again.

Tomorrow I'm baking bread for the week. It's become a weekly habit (that I haven't been able to get to lately) but one that I love doing. Kneading the bread is so cathartic and the whole house is filled with a wonderful aroma. The kids love helping to cook and Friday's have sort have turned into a homeschool home-ec day as the kids have been helping with meal planning and baking for the week. It has helped to save a lot of money too. It is a bit of a pain but if the meals are planned for the week and made ahead of time, I'm not stressed out about dinner or what to cook nor am I running to McDonalds for the garbage meal. We have been ordering local produce thru a program at Larry's work and it's working well. Order online, Larry picks up the delivery at work. Voila-fresh produce.

Oh- and I've had a lot of activity on the blog. I love the live feed that tells me where people are checking in from. So I'd love to hear from you, how you found me, what you like and please do recommend the blog to others. I'm looking to do some paid blogging reviews so if you're out there-give me a holler. I need something to pay my oil bill this year.

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