Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Heartbeat of Me.

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I've spent the past few days defending my right to be offended by Joy Behar and The View (see the last post). I was offended at her statements not only because they were false but because they were cruel. I unabashedly support homeschooling or any other educational choice that someone determines is best for their kids and family. Joy Behar's comments were uncalled for. There comes a time when people need to be challenged on their behavior and what is acceptable. All too often, in the name of free speech and diversity, people think it gives them the right to say whatever comes out of their mouths. There used to be an old saying...If you don't have anything nice to say then,.....thanks Mom-I did a learn a few things from you.
To an extent this is true. But in the past few days I have been attacked for homeschooling, for watching the view, have been called "uneducated" because I watch the view, have been told that I am invoking drama and generally have had hateful comments from others. As a UU we try to respect everyone's viewpoint. I find that difficult when others assume they know what is best in my heart and for my family.
This week, there was an online confrontation between me and one of the other homeschoolers on the listserve. Every response feeds this person so I chose to not respond. And unfortunately I find that the very person who needs correction doesn't get it and thinks it's not them. This person is generally angry, condescending and plainly mean in emails. She says that tone of voice cannot be determined in an email. I will give her that. But when people are afraid to post comments, refuse to call people on bad behavior that is hurtful, or just blatantly criticize for the sake of hearing their own is that helpful. I'm no saint. I complain about other nurses at work but also let them know when they've pissed me off. The post on The View became about "is this show worthy" and are you worthy to have these feelings?
When did we stop respecting each other's view points and feelings? When did that happen that we are no longer entitled to our own beliefs and things we feel are offensive? When did we stop being kind to each other?


allison said...

Stop defending your point of view and choices. Look at your children, smile and just know! Love ya, your BFF

Potpourri Poet said...

Just know.....wish I could get there.

Kat RN said...

You shouldn't have to defend how you feel. You have every right to your feelings and opinions. Don't let hateful people get to you. They need to get a life.