Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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Tonight I thought I'd write about best friends. Everyone should have one. But BFF's come in different forms. Pete and Stewie above have become BFF's-look how snuggly cute they are on the couch. And the picture of Morgan and Stewie....well it was just cute so I posted it.
Morgan has a BFF even at age 9-our neighbor Gab. The two are inseparable and spent the summer writing songs and poetry together.
Two of the girls in my homeschool group have become BFF's. They hadn't seen each other in 4 whole days and missed each other terribly. Maybe it's a girl thing. Guys don't seem to need BFF's.
I've known my BFF since I was 10. We met at a campground when she beat the crap out of my stepsister for me. I knew I liked her from the start. We've really seen and helped each other grow up. Dating, college, marriage, kids. She's been there the whole time. Our lives have paralled each other many times. We've both been thru some garbage in our lives. We both survived. Maybe it is the strength we give each other or just knowing that I can tell her anything and not worry about being judged. She's pulled me thru some hard times lately. I'm always grateful to her-because I don't know how I'd survive without her.
I wanted to post a picture of the two of us-I had several to chose from. There was the one of us in our General Hospital Sweatshirts, the way old one when we dressed up like Raggedy Ann and Andy for a Halloween Party and then of course the sexy one of us in our bathing suits when we used to lifeguard. Then there was the one of us at a potluck tearing thru a whole lobster like hillbillies.
So a shout out tonight to BFF's everywhere and to my BFF-Allison who some day will move in with me and whom I've yet to convince to homeschool her kid.

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