Sunday, March 1, 2009

Creating Sacred Space

The icky stomach flu bug thing has hit our house. Patrick was up all day and night vomitting. Larry didn't feel well today either. We were supposed to travel to Princeton, Massachusetts to NEADS ( to celebrate Larry and his hearing dog Stewie's graduation. The weather forecast predicted a bad storm but mostly we got a dusting today. We didn't end up going though between Larry not feeling well and the storm and Patrick spent all day in bed anyway.

I did manage to get so much done today though. I'm loving all the organizing and it's making me feel really good to have some control over my household. Larry slept in this morning and while he did I enjoyed my coffee and made my list of things I needed to get done today.

This is the dry erase board in my office/classroom. Notice that there are only two things not crossed off. I have to make a payment for a Prairie Class that Morgan and Tae will be taking next month. It sounds really cool and I'm very excited about it. The other thing I still have to do is finalize curriculum for next year. We are buying all of our books used from Amazon this year to help save money and the money that I save will be used for classes and field trips for the kids. We missed out on a lot last year because we didn't budget well so I'm really excited to be able to finally let them join in on more classes outside the home.

So what did we do today? I baked two loaves of bread, a pan of brownies, finally cleaned out my bedroom closet (4 hours worth), cleaned and emptied two huge boxes that were in my bedroom, finished painting the bedroom (ok-Larry did that yesterday along with hanging my new Roman shades, curtain rods and curtains), updated our Monthly calendars for March, made a Roast Turkey dinner, made more laundry detergent, found some recipes for homemade bagels

( I refuse to pay $3.99 for 6 bagels anymore), and found some recipes for some homemade cleaners because I refuse to buy the chemical stuff anymore).

Yeah-I know- what's happened to me? I make my own laundry detergent, cleaners, bake bread, raise chickens for fresh eggs, and have turned into the frugal housewife. The weird thing is that I'm loving all of it. Everything we do to sustain ourselves is less impact on the environment and brings our family closer together. None of it is hard to do but it does take planning to accomplish. Today, I'm dog tired from doing so much.

This is our sacred space-fresh and newly painted. The wall color in this picture looks peasoup green but it's a nice mustardy color.

I still have some pictures and artwork to hang but am loving my space. The kids are not allowed in here. It's mom and dad's space. No toys, no playing and no hanging out.

And yes, I finally tackled my closet today. We actually have a floor in there- I was beginning to wonder. It's all organized and neat. I threw out 4 bags of garbage, packed things away, straightened, washed and ironed tons of lines and donated a ton of clothes to charity. Whew! I'm very glad to have this whole area done.

Tomorrow I tackle the main bathroom linen closet. We have a very full week with Pediatrician appointments, Dentist appointments, art and sign language class, our coop, soccer practice and I have a meeting at church. I also go back to work this coming Friday night and am not looking forward to it. Patrick will be on a field trip to a Synagogue as part of his Neighboring Faiths curriculum at church. Catch me if you can.

And here is my funny little man. He helped me to make brownies today.

Chocolate everywhere!


Mom, M.Ed. said...

Please share links for the bagel recipes--I am tired of paying $ 3.99, too!

Kate in NJ said...

Oh,yes,please share the bagel recipes.
Your bedroom looks lovely!