Friday, March 27, 2009

Free ECB's from CVS

Just a quick post. Thanks to , I have signed up to be a CVS advisor. The deal is that you fill out a periodic survey for them, critique some stuff like store layouts or whatever and they deposit between 5 and 15 extra care bucks in your account. They provide you with a checklist of what you are willing to survey for them. I don't know how much ECB's it will earn but every buck counts these days.
You can find the information here:
Lastly, I was giddy with delight last night. I had mentioned before that my daughter was in the paper last week for her homeschool art class. A friend of mine dropped off some extra copies for me and I put them aside. Well last night I was showing a friend the article and out fell at least 3 coupon inserts. Look at all the coupons I found. I have a much bigger coupon holder now and was able to give my smaller one to my friend Lori. I even got her started by filling her holder with some coupons and gave her the Dave Ramsey Book, The Total Money Makeover. It's really helping us to get a handle on our finances. A job for every dollar!

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