Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Chicks on the Way

Sadly, our beautiful Easter Egger Chicken named Spice died on Wednesday. We have no idea what happened as she was perfectly fine when we tucked her in for the night. We found her the next morning with no injuries and no apparent signs of illness. We just don't know. All the other chickens seem fine but we are keeping a close watch on them. Spice always gave me the most beautiful pink eggs and was very friendly.

I was able to sell a dozen and a half eggs to our homeschoolers yesterday. But we are down to just 4 layers now with Spice girl being gone. So on Thursday night I ordered 12 more chickens from My Pet Chicken
All of these pictures below are from their site.

We're very excited to have some babies in the house again and they should arrive the week of May 26th right after Memorial Day. It will give us time to get the brooder ready for them. We ordered all hens and no Silkies this time. They are just too hard for the hatchery to sex and last time we got a rooster and we don't want anymore.

I wanted more layers and of course they have to be pretty. I ordered 3 Easter Eggers in hopes of getting some more green/blue eggs or at least the pink ones like Spice gave us. Our other EE gives us gorgeous blue green eggs and at least once a month lays a huge double yolker.

Three baby EE's are coming. I don't know if they will look like this one or not since they are so varied. Our other EE named Chipmunk has the best coloring.

We ordered 2 Black Australorps. They are supposed to be friendly and good layers.

I ordered 2 Dominques. This one is a Rooster but the kids loved the "jailbird" coloring
And look how adorable the baby chicks are.

We ordered two Cuckoo Marans too. These chickens have beautiful coloring and lay dark brown chocolate colored eggs. Can you tell I'm trying to go for the Easter Basket selection in colored eggs?

I had to order another Buff Orpington. This is also a Rooster but our BO named Rosie was only classified as a good layer. She gives us an egg every single day-then comes out into the pen to announce its arrival and gets all the other chickens upset with clucking. But we love her so we ordered another one.
And just look how gorgeous Buff chicks are. We're so excited to have them coming and they'll be just a couple weeks old just in time for Easter.


Saille said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you! I love new chicks. We're actually getting rid of some of our flock this year. We're up to almost 50 hens because of minimum quantity ordering. We've been waiting for our 25 new pullets to start laying to figure out who needed to go.

We have almost all Easter Eggers, a few Marans, a Barnevelder, and two each Silver and Gold-Laced Wyandottes. My Marans came from a commercial hatchery and don't lay very dark eggs, though. In future, if I'm going for dark egg coloration, I think I'm going to order from a fancier who breeds for extra dark ones.

Post pics when they come!

Kate in NJ said...

How exciting!
I am living vicariously through you
with your chickens. Maybe one day...

homeschool mamma said...

I had heard that about Marans-hopefully we'll get some dark layers. If not-it's fine. We spoil the girls anyway.

Kate-no worries-I live vicariously thru those that have goats. I'd love some.

Sara said...

sorry about Spice.

Chicks are fun, and you've picked some lovely chickens. Last year, I raised six Buff Orpingtons, and I love those girls. Very reliable egg layers, and super sweet with my kids.