Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Field Trip to the Culinary Arts Museum

Our field trip today was to the Johnson and Wales Culinary Museum in Providence, Rhode Island. I was a little leary of this because really, what would we do all day...look at refrigerators? But I was pleasantly surprised at all they had to offer. It really turned out great and the kids were genuinely interested.

The Three kids sitting on the steps waiting to go into the museum.

Mr. Potato Head greeted us in the lobby with his bowl of pasta.
Erin our tour guide showed us around.

We entered through the Diner.

I even was able to have my picture taken with Emeril Lagasse. Snicker.

Morgan and Tae loved this. Tae thought it was a thing to make a large wedge of pizza! It was a board for processing butter. The butter would be spread out on this and worked back and forth with the rolling pin. The excess water from the butter would drain out the point at the bottom. I guess dryer butter is better.

This was a replica of a tavern. Most everyone walked right through this part without noticing but the wood still smelled like smoke and alcohol...just like a tavern. Look how worn the swing door is.

I want one of these pie racks for my kitchen.

This was totally amazing. The culinary students had some of their creations on display. This Lion King Sculpture was made totally out of .....bread. No kidding.

This cake was so detailed all in fruit.
It's all frosting. Look at the grapes and pumpkins. I wonder how long it took to create that?

This was my favorite display. It was an old fashioned kitchen from the 1940's. Now I do love my modern conveniences but I just loved this display for some reason. It looked so homey. See the white pot sitting on the table? I still have my mother's enamel pot that looks just like that.

Some of the very cool restaurant and kitchen machines we saw. Wish I could remember what these were.

The Culinary Country Fair. It was mostly a display of food and animals at country fairs. It had some things for the kids to play with too like Skeeball -that was a huge hit.

I so wanted to take this bread carrier basket thing. It would look great in my kitchen.

This was some kind of candy processing machine-maybe cotton candy. Tae thought it was a huge mixer like my Kitchen Aid. He wanted to know how much brownies they could make in that.

This was very cool too. It was one of the first molds that the Hershey company used for making chocolate bars. Imagine how long it took them.

My Dad used to have a lunchbox and thermos like this.

The Dandy Diner.

The Little Chef's Diner-the kids had a blast here.

More things.
After the Museum we went to Roger Williams Park and had a picnic lunch.
Then we headed over to the playground and met some friends from our homeschool coop.

Good Homeschooling Times with Friends!

Even er...um...Galactic Batboy had a great time.


Kate in NJ said...

Very cool! I love the look of the forties kitchen too.

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

Adorable! It looks like it was quite an adventure. I remember kitchens like that one. Shh! Don't tell anyone.


homeschool mamma said...

It was a great day and brought back a lot of memories for me about my own mom and grandmother in the kitchen.