Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chicken Love

I made this yummy broccoli and mushroom quiche on Thursday for dinner. I ate it.
No one else liked it.
Our snow gem experiment didn't go so well. We had 60 degree weather yesterday and all the snow melted. I really should check the weather before doing such projects.
See... how sad are the snow gems?

Yes, that's my son in shorts...playing in the snow. The kids found the forms for making sand castles and thought it would be perfect for snow castles. Morgan's best friend joined the fun.
Tae shoveled off the deck for us. Not because we asked him to do that but because it was bugging him. He was the last one in last night for dinner. He kept saying he wasn't done shoveling. Thanks Tae! Our deck is nice and clean now.
A funny shot of Morgan. We have a huge dirt pile from when they installed our pool last year. We were going to move it but the dogs love running over it as an obstacle course. Morgan is actually on top of the pile and not standing on the edge of the pool. She was pretending that she was going to jump in.

Stewie got in on the action too with soccer ball in mouth as usual.

The weather was so good yesterday that Larry was able to do some training with the dogs. Here's our Boxer Pete in a perfect sit stay while Stewie and the kids run like maniacs all around him. I love this dog.

Larry and Stewie working on some recall and ball playing. Stewie was white when we started...not so white after running thru mud. Ewww and look how green my pond is. I hate the annual spring cleaning of the pond. So gross.

Our beautful Silkie Rooster named Cotton. He's not always so nice and let's just say if the girls are not accomodating first thing in the morning that he gets quite grumpy.

Our Silver Laced Wyandotte named Rum keeping close to her man.

My Easter Egger chicken named Spice who lays beautiful pink eggs.

Our other Silver Laced named Raisin.

I had to post these pictures of Patrick with the chickens. He's hysterical and has such a sense of humor. We call him the chicken whisperer.

Patrick holding Chipmunk the lapchicken. Seriously, this chicken would live in the house if we let her. She loves to be picked up and held and follows you around like a dog. She gives me the most beautiful blue-green eggs. That's Rosie our Buff Orpington wondering why she can't be a lap chicken too. She is the noisiest chicken and always has a story to tell.

NOOOOOO! Don't peck me there!

Kung Fu Chicken!

Rosie eyes Patrick's earlobe.

That was a good joke Rosie!

I wonder if the other chickens have heard that one?

Please tell me another one Rosie.

Don't let Mom hear that joke or you'll be in big trouble!


SoloWoman said...

Hi I just wanted to stop in and say how much I enjoy your blog. I am also a home schooler here in Rhode island. I am actually on your Meeting School list but have never made it because my daughter Kiera started going to school 2 hours a day. Can I say i hate it, but told myself we would finish the year. With all the budget cuts and movement of staff, she most likely will go back to full time home school. She has Autism, some days high functioning, some days... well some days.. it just is.

I hope to make it out to a meeting one of these times. We are in Westerly.

In any case, i wanted to say hello.


homeschool mamma said...

Nice of you to drop in and say hello.

Kate in NJ said...

I am "green" with envy over your chickens!!
I would love to get some..first I need to learn more so I can keep them alive. lol
Your photos cracked me up!

homeschool mamma said...

Hah! just placed an order for 10 more baby chicks!