Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Martha Stewart Thinking?

I was recently looking at some crafts on Martha Stewart. I do watch her show occasionally but mostly she makes me feel inadequate so I tend to stay away. So this popped up on the screen as I was enjoying my afternoon coffee. Needless to say it was a bit horrifying. Take a look at the link below. I would have embedded the video itself but Martha's World has strict control over whom she allows to post her videos. I, apparently, am not on her A-list. Watch the video before reading farther.
Click here:

Now I'm sorry but, the picture of her with the pie slicer cutting up the apple pie baby was a bit much (notice the coffee being spit out of my nose) and the first picture of the roast turkey costume with the baby stuffed in it and the hacked off turkey legs with little paper turkey booties is just plain wrong. Even creepier is the fact that the baby legs can be "stuffed" into the turkey legs for movement. Yeah-because after I get my Turkey all golden brown that's what I want to see on my table....moving legs. A little too rare for my taste.

Let's not forget to mention the lemon meringue pie that is made of construction foam insulation. Way to go Martha-'cause we all know that the spray on insulation foam stays right where you put it and I'm sure it comes in the non-toxic flavor just for use next to baby's face. Oh-and lest we foget the butter to go with the baby lobster. Right next to the baby's grasp and made with construction adhesive and gel paint. Good God Martha-run out of ideas for your show?

Anyway, here are some pictures from today's homeschooling.

Morgan worked on United States History specifically Betsy Ross and how our flag came to be. She also learned how to fold a flag correctly. I missed that picture. She also worked in her Open Court Reading Book by SRA. We love this book. Great modern stories that the kids can relate to.

Morgan is also working on some Geography with the Pacific States of Washington and Oregon. And doesn't Patrick look bright eyed and bushy tailed to begin his day? He worked on English Literature and World History. We love his World History Book. It comes with a CD that has chapter reviews and corrects the work as he goes along which means less work for me! This week we are covering Islam and Muslim Civilizations.

Tae loves doing his schoolwork. He had lots of fun cutting out the ovals for the penguin he made. We covered ovals, the number 2, color green, the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme and the letter B. Tae is doing great with his cutting skills. And here's the completed Penguin. Tae's such a ham in front of the camera. This is our Boxer Pete...who naps all day....unless someone drops food...or a leaf blows...or someone coughs...or uses the can opener...or... Morgan and Tae also did some Spirographs today. I was shocked at how cheap the kit is now. Everything is plastic and it only comes with a red pen. When we were kids didn't it come with the pen with four ink colors? I pulled out the colored pencils for them instead.Here they are on the coffee table making all kinds of cool designs. Martha Stewart should call my kids for ideas for her show. Anything is better than the roast turkey baby.

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kitchenwitch said...

Wow! Today our homeschooling day ran like this:
read together for an hour in the morning
went to petco get crickets for the beardie
research what else the beardie can eat-go out and buy some of that
at three o'clock say to child "Uh...Oh yeah you should probably do some schoolwork..."
spend an hour working on math together
at four o'clock feel super guilty and not like a supermommy at all

Sigh... We'll be coming to the meetinghouse tomorrow (well, we are planning on it anyway)

Joni Rae

homeschool mamma said...

No guilt in homeschooling. It all comes out in the wash.