Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All in a Day or Two's Work

I'm healing slowly from my hospital fiasco so we are looking for quiet things to do that don't exhaust me.
Morgan has been diving into some of Patrick's favorite books. Here she is reading The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan.

Patrick has really gotten into his high school level biology. He initially complained about it being boring but has some really good questions about receptor proteins, the sodium/potassium pump, hypertonic and hypotonic diffusion and facilitated diffusion. I really need to brush up on my Biology. It's scary when your kids know more than you. But totally amazing to watch them blossom. I'm so proud of him-he's come so far since being in public school

Folks from church, friends, family and co-workers have been dropping off meals since I'm so weak and unable to cook. I was especially glad to get this delightful fruit salad. Everything was so sweet for the winter months. I haven't had to cook since I got home from the hospital. We've had chicken casserole, pasta dinner, roast beef and vegetables, pizza, turkey dinner and a few others. What a blessing.

My Easter Egg chickens (yes that's what they are called) started laying these gorgeous blue and olive green eggs. I'm going to blow some out, decoupage them and make an easter egg tree. We also get some brown and pink eggs. Maybe sell some of the crafts.
Morgan worked on her scrapbooking today.
Tae learned to tie his shoes as the dog's dead hedgehog toy that makes obnoxious farting sounds lies nearby. Too cute. He turns 5 next month. Tae, not the dead hedgehog.
My BFF and her daughter Rachel from CT came on Sunday to visit. I haven't seen her in over a year so it was so good to reconnect. Morgan and Rachel are doing tatoo spray art. They haven't been able to see each other in a while either but always it's as if they just spoke on the phone. No time to waste and they settle in as if they saw each other only yesterday.
The kit comes with stencils and a spray gun. However, the tatoos do not wash off that easily and my kids just look dirty right now.
Today I cut out sponge hearts and let the kids stamp with paint. Lots of fun. Can you tell Tae loves the camera?
Tae's creation. Notice the glitter paint.
Morgan stamping.
Morgan's gorgeous creation.
Patrick-don't comment on his hair. He wants to grow it out and it's looking bushy. Not a battle worth fighting for me. It's driving me crazy but doesn't bother him. He's an awesome kid and if that's the worse he does in letting his hair grow then I'm pretty lucky. Granted he's only 12 but he has a heart of gold and takes great care of his mom when she's under the weather.
Patrick's lovely artwork. That's all for tonight. I'm off to rest.

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