Monday, January 5, 2009

Lyme Land, Henna Art and Fresh Eggs

So do you all like the look of the new Blog? Cute isn't it. I'm getting good at this.
Let's start with the not so pleasant stuff. This picture below is my daily regimen of medication. Every morning and every night. Welcome to Lyme Land.

But enough of the unpleasantness.
Morgan worked on Math today doing angles, parallel lines, radius and circumferences. She did great. We use the Harcourt Brace book called Math Advantage. It works well for us. Patrick worked on some Math and Biology today. It takes him a while to finish Biology as it is a ninth grade book by Holt publishers. He loves Biology as always does well with it. His Math is coming along nicely and he's finally at grade level also using the Math Advantage program.
After lunch today, Morgan pulled out one of her Christmas presents. It was this really cool Henna Art kit that I got at Barnes and Noble. She's been bugging me for days to try it. This is what came in the box. The patterns, henna mix, instruction booklet and applicator tube. This is the pattern she picked. One of the most complicated ones there were. This is the mixture with the instruction booklet. It looked like stuff I scraped off my boot from the chicken coop. So the pattern Morgan chose didn't go well. The paste was too thick, and my hands were shaking from the Lyme disease. She washed off what I did and made her own but decided it was too gloppy and washed that off too. I guess it takes lots of practice to get it just right. We'll try another day.

My chickens are finally laying eggs and we are getting 2-3 eggs a day so far. I made myself some eggs for breakfast this morning...sunny side up. Isn't the pink egg in the center pretty? The rest are brown egg layers. I don't much care about color...they all taste good.


Henna Muse said...

Try not to be too disappointed in your first henna experience. It does take a few tries to get it right! Also, chances are pretty good that the henna was stale and wouldn't color very well. It has a short self life so book store kits usually aren't the best. If you'd like to try one of my kits, email me your shipping address. I'll send you one to try!

homeschool mamma said...