Sunday, January 4, 2009

The House of the Lord, Mu-shu Pork and How to Know if Your Kids Are Happy

Patrick spent the afternoon with his church school class on a field trip. They attended the AME church today as part of their Neighboring Faiths curriculum. In our UU faith, the seventh graders are required to attend churches of different faiths and so far they have been to a Buddhist Temple, a Catholic Church and today the American Methodist Evangelical. Our very own Church, Westminster Unitarian, started out in this very building so the kids got to see the full history of the church. Sadly, the building will be closing as it is in such disrepair and over 100 years old.

Patrick had an interesting time there. He listened to the sermon intently this time and told us about the stained glass. On the ride home, as he was riding thru the city he noticed another church with a sign in an old store front. There was a handmade sign in the window that said, "The House of the Lord." Underneath that there was an old no-longer working neon sign, I'm guessing from the last owners, that said, "Chinese Food." Hmmmm. Novel concept. I'd like my church to serve Chinese Food. That would really be nice and would solve a lot of Sunday meal planning dilemmas. Sermon and an egg-roll. A hymn and some Won-ton? Prayer and Mu-shu pork? Yup-works for me. Patrick is 12 and also thinks burping and farting are hysterical too.

Seriously, you find this a lot in Rhode Island-odd combinations of stores. For instance, Bowling and Jewelry, Laundra-mat (don't contact me about the spelling-it's really spelled that way) and ice-cream parlor. Or my favorite....Weiners and tax returns. Ahhh Rhode Island.

As parents, we always question whether we are doing the right thing for our children. Is my screaming at them to stop Ninja fighting the dog going to damage their little psyche's for years to come? Will they hate me in their old age and put me in the crappy nursing home or will I get to go to the good place where the diapers don't leak? Will they let the grandkids visit me or keep them away because Grandma's house smells like eggs and mothballs?

So my proof came today. Just look at their artwork-it is always reassuring to me. No black paint, no guns, bloodshed, axes or dead people. See, all happy, happy. Rainbows and geometric shapes and flowers. Hmmm-I'm looking forward to group Bingo at the Nursing Home...and maybe they'll even walk me to the bathroom instead of diapers. I'm doing ok as a mom.

See, these two are Morgan's. Happy colors and lines. Nothing off kilter with this child.

See...more Morgan...rainbows, flowers and clouds. Self assured written name, puffy clouds.

And here's Tae's. Muted, pastelly colors. Got a few letters to his name. Happy.

More Tae, also rainbows and flowers and sun and stars this time.
And a happy face from Tae. He wanted me to be sure to mention the pimple he put on the chin and the two different colored eyes and the cross...for... the...nose. And the green...shaped...foot ear...and the "yellling mommy with the big mouth" as he put it. Where are my teeth? And I think my roots need to be dyed.

Now this is my favorite. First glance looks happy enough...I see the sun and blue sky but ask my 4 year old what it is. His explanation..."That's mommy with her hair standing straight up after she yells at us. She has 3 eyes cause she always knowed when I'm in trouble and the check mark is for her list of chores." Yes, I also know it says "eat". Tae likes to spell his name backward and sometimes "tea". It cracks him up. Sigh. Nursing home I come.

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