Sunday, January 11, 2009

Find Your Soul Through Refrigerator Artwork

Here are the results of our egg experiment from yesterday. This is the egg that we put in vinegar overnight. Held up to the light it is completely transparent and rubbery. See how shiny it it is? It's not wet at all. You can squish the egg without it breaking. And it bounces without breaking. You can poke sharp objects into it (with parental supervision......I had one of the kids help me.) And then all you are left with is this weird rubbery membrane and hands that smell like vinegar. The yolk is pickled too in the vinegar solution. These are my favorite little blue bowls. Yesterday Larry ran to BJ's for me to do our bulk shopping. I sat on the floor and cleaned out the entire pantry. Those two Rubbermaid containers on the third shelf were the best investment I ever made. No more stale cereal that the kids won't eat. I've been shopping online for coupons and best of all yesterday I hit an all time high of about $58.00 in savings. BJ's had lots of BOGO (buy one get one free) items so we stocked up.
What's on your refrigerator? I think you can pretty much tell whatever you need to about a person or what is important to them by what's on their refrigerator. The bottom artwork Morgan drew a picture of our family at church school. Above that is a picture of my Mom with the three kids before she passed away . Upper left to that is a picture of Me, my mom and dad and my 3 brothers about six months before my Dad died. The blue paper is the kids sign language class schedule, to the left of that is a picture of Larry's nieces and a prayer card. To the upper right of the blue paper is a picture of Larry's mom with Patrick and Morgan that was taken many years ago. The top picture is a dragon swallowing the world that Patrick drew. Some of the magnets are animals, some from stores and companies we use and some from Korea. The cabinet door to the right of the refrigerator has the soccer schedule and house rules list. It says things like "Always speak in a kind voice." These are my favorite. They are word refrigerator magnets and depending on what is going on in our house, they may change daily. My husband often leaves me love notes. Ingore the greasy fingerprints.

You can pretty much find your where your soul is through these word magnets. These are a few of the sentences I've made lately. I try not to plan them out rather let the words come to me to see what my soul has to say. It's kind of a meditation to see what needs attention in my life. Larry calls it my Refrigerator Journal.

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