Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen Science Experiments and Rubber Eggs

I wasn't able to blog yesterday. Mostly, I felt horrible from the Lyme Disease and antibiotics. I'm in full blown Herxheimer reaction so it's been difficult to blog. Herxheimer is when you have a massive die off of bad bugs in your body. It has left me with tremors, muscle pain and joint pain and I can't get warm. The nurse came out yesterday and adjusted my midline catheter for my IV antibiotics. It wasn't working right but I'm thankful that I didn't have to have a new one put it. My track marks on my left arm are starting to disappear. I'm so attractive right now.
I didn't even take any pictures yesterday. Gasp-the horror! The ones I took for today are blurry because my hands shake. But since I didn't post yesterday, you all have tons to look at today.
Morgan had a soccer game last night that her Dad took her to. There was two games and a practice this week. That's her second from left helping the goalie. They lost 3-4 but I heard it was a good game.Tae spent the morning playing on This is Sand. Very cool site you can find in my links or here:

Patrick got lots of art supplies for Christmas and drew this fabulous bearded unicorn on a mountain top overlooking her egg nest...I think. Do unicorns lay eggs?
We did a few easy kitchen science experiments today. We love this experiment. Vinegar and an egg in a cup. In a few days...
the submerged eggs becomes like rubber and can bounce. The vinegar dissolves the calcium in the shell (I think) and seems to pickle it. Makes the whole house smell delightful. NOT!
We used eggs like these. All 9 of these are from my chickens and we got 4 more today. Look at the torpedo shaped one on top from my chicken Chipmunk. She just started laying and the eggs take a bit of time to get into the right shape. I have more chicks coming soon and will be able to sell organic eggs by the end of the summer. Aren't they beautiful in my Grandmother's antique ceramic bowl?
I'm finding a lot of kits that we never used for some reason but they sure are coming in handy when I don't feel well. This chemistry kit was in the back of the closet. The three hooligans reading the directions. Notice how interested Patrick is. Actually he was interested, he was just making a face at Tae who when I went to snap the pictures said, "Everybody say poopy!"
This experiment was supposed to show the kids "Capillary Flow". We folded a paper towel and ...
added two dots of red food coloring.
We put the cotton loop into the plastic straw and anchored it with a paper clip on one end and the other end of the loop went around the paper towel.
Like this very blurry picture.
Then the kids were supposed to add food coloring to the water and allow the wicking process to occur. Hmmmm...a little paper umbrella in that and I'd be all set. Looks delicious!
After, we made some cinnamon raisin bread from Bob's Red Mill mix. We've been trying some different gluten free items. I've been reading where gluten interacts with the Lyme spirochetes so we are trying whatever we can right now. Yeast and fresh chicken eggs go into the mix.
Tae helping with the mixer. He loves to help cook.

The delicious looking batter.

Fresh bread out of the oven. We tried a piece. It was horrible. Not very sweet which I expected and you couldn't taste any cinnamon. I guess it will be ok for toast in the morning. If not the chickens are getting gluten free bread for breakfast tomorrow.

I printed out some pictures for Morgan so she could work on her scrapbooking.

Tae took a break for lunch. Yumm-grilled cheese and Ranch dressing which he calls dip.
Daddy is bringing pizza and a salad home tonight for dinner. I don't cook on Fridays.
And lastly, today, some little girl just called my house and began singing "Happy Birthday Dear Auntie". It wasn't for me and when I told her that she had the wrong number, She said, "I don't care -You're my Auntie and I'm singing happy 50th birthday to you whether you want to hear it or not." Okay.....hey I'm not even close to 50 yet. Call me back in 10 years!


Dawn said...

We've got the Penny Norman electricity book and I was happy to see a local electronics shop carries all her kits! Excellent resource. The kids look like they had a ball. :D

homeschool mamma said...

Thanks-they did have fun.